Adam Wolfe: Episode 3 (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 20.11.2016

Review for Adam Wolfe: Episode 3 on iOS

The second episode of Adam Wolfe stopped at what felt like a pretty unnatural cliff-hanger to set up the scenario for the third in this four-part arc. Will the story in Adam Wolfe: Episode 3 justify leaving players hanging in such a way? Read on to find out…and for those that missed the previous reviews, be sure to check them out right here: Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Adam Wolfe: Episode 2 ended right when the titular supernatural detective was about to gather some knowledge about his sister's disappearance as a reward from his work. Episode 3 picks up right where the second episode left off and does so with a bang. His former client tells him about the mysterious symbol on his watch and a terrifying group known as the Timeless, but for some reason he does not want to share the entire story, yet leaves Adam with a clue leading to a local artist. As usual in a story like this, the artist has a new case for Adam Wolfe to solve - the mystery of his wife's death, which might lead to new discoveries about Adam's lost sister.

The story in Adam Wolfe: Episode 3 is far stronger than in the previous entries, and does connect the dots wonderfully. It enhances the previous two parts by making them feel less like the introduction and the bridge, but as actual parts of the story, showing good understanding of how the mystery genre works.

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While the story starts to sort itself out, the puzzles are sadly weaker this time. While the previous two episodes -the second one, especially - had many memorable puzzles that were really outside the box for an HOPA title, Episode 3 feels like a pure HOPA experience in many of the worst ways. Most, if not all, puzzles are about finding small objects in a very messy place and while this is what is to be expected of the genre, it is sad to see this after the developer showed that it is capable of much more than this.

Aside from the great story, Adam Wolfe: Episode 3 feels like a slightly weaker title than the previous two. If played for the story, which is actually reason enough, this can easily be forgiven. If the puzzles are the sole pull, though, this issue is much more difficult to bypass.

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After being spoiled by extremely clever and varied puzzles for two episodes, going back to something that feels like a basic HOPA title with Adam Wolfe: Episode 3 is difficult. The upside is that the story is a notch better than in the previous episodes, and it is a must-play for that reason alone, as it enhances the previous two episodes quite a bit. The build-up for the finale in Episode 4 is beautifully pulled off and the cliff-hanger feels more natural than before. Hopefully, the final episode will manage to take the strong parts of the second and third episodes, and mix them together into a fantastic experience.


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