Mushroom Wars (PC) Review

By David Lovato 21.11.2016

Review for Mushroom Wars on PC

Mushroom Wars first launched on Sony's PlayStation 3, eventually making its way to mobile devices (where it perhaps fits best) and finally landing on PC. The real-time strategy charges players with controlling warring tribes of adorable mushroom folk, with each player commanding a tribe in an effort to get rid of the other tribe of fungus among… them.

Mushroom Wars has a consistently good art style, and while it isn't flashy or expensive, the graphics are adorable and easily one of the high points. Gameplay consists of players selecting a village of mushrooms, changing the number of mushroom troops currently selected, and then sending those troops across the map. They can stop by other buildings, like rival villages or enemy towers, and attempt to take control of them, needing a higher number of troops than that currently stationed in that building. Once the match's objective (such as capturing all buildings) is met, the player wins.

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This gameplay is unfortunately repetitive. Nothing changes much throughout the course of the game, except that each match feels harder than the last, with noticeable spikes in difficulty. It feels less like a strategy game and more like a puzzle to figure out exactly which buildings to take over at exactly which time.

At times, the enemy's status is frustratingly unclear, with them having hordes more troops than it seems like they should've been able to accrue in the time allotted. RTS fans will probably find a good challenge here, but the layman is likely to find themselves bored or frustrated. Online multiplayer adds a fun layer to the mix, as human players can seem a bit fairer than the AI.

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Mushroom Wars is a beautiful, solid RTS that wears itself out in the gameplay department by being too simple and at times downright frustrating. It's likely to appeal highly to hardcore RTS fans, if feeling a little too much like a mobile free-to-play game. The title isn't costly, which is a plus, and the multiplayer mode is likely to make the purchase well worth it, especially for those who have friends to play with.


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