Xenoraid (PlayStation 4) Review

By Eric Ace 03.12.2016

Review for Xenoraid on PlayStation 4

From 10tons Ltd, Xenoraid is a story about humans' first ever space war, and revolves around a scenario of what would happen if they encountered an alien force while exploring our solar system. What this means is taking on aliens with space shuttles refitted with meagre weaponry. Following Cubed3's review of the PC version, it's time to check out Xenoraid on PS4.

Xenoraid is a pretty simple game, but is surprisingly fun. To get the bad out of the way first, the graphics are pretty poor, the story leaves a lot to be desired, and near the end it gets really repetitive. That being said, for the type of game it is, it is enjoyable. Essentially, it is like old-school Galaga mixed with RPG elements.

Xenoraid goes back to an older style of gameplay compared to shmups of dodging a million bullets; it is more about having a weaker ship, dodging and positioning shots against smaller groups of enemies. Despite this, it can still be very hard.

Screenshot for Xenoraid on PlayStation 4

The action sees players going in with a squad of four ships, and as weapons are fired, they overheat and new ships must be swapped in. This design is very interesting, as each ship often has different weapons, with some good versus bosses, whilst smaller ships can be good for clearing out hordes. Especially as ships take damage, there is an element of trying to minimise the hits being taken so as to not bring out ships almost dead.

In between missions, ships can be upgraded. Each one has things that can be improved, such as giving it rockets, a stealth field, or bigger explosions on the bombs. As the game progresses, a fun part is seeing the weak little shuttles slowly develop into advanced fighters that have laser guns, cloaking fields, EMP bombs, and so on.

Xenoraid is pretty simple and can be beaten in about three to four hours, and while there is a story, it is pretty barebones, which is unfortunate. This is not the type of game that is going to blow minds or win awards, but for a fun space shooter romp it works.

Screenshot for Xenoraid on PlayStation 4

Cubed3 Rating

Rated 6 out of 10


There is nothing special about Xenoraid, but it keeps the basics solid. The shooting is fun, the dodging is good, and the upgrading is the best part, which allows for better ships to enter the fray. It is the type of game that could serve as a great platform for a really good game, but as it is, it is a fun romp that harkens back to old-school games. If it can be picked up cheap, Xenoraid is an enjoyable four-hour ride.









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