Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters (PC) Review

By David Lovato 04.12.2016

Review for Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters on PC

Cities: Skylines invited players to build cities. Almost two years later, various expansions have given them day and night cycles and snowy landscapes, along with countless bug fixes and minor additions. The latest expansion, Natural Disasters, raises the stakes in a new way. Tsunamis, fires, meteors, and more can strike at any time. Be prepared.

The first two expansions, After Dark and Snowfall, brought primarily cosmetic changes. Natural Disasters proves to be a more interactive expansion, with a variety of dangers facing cities, and different ways players can both prepare for and respond to these situations. These disasters will occur randomly, and will have potentially devastating effects on cities.

Fires will spread from building to building, sinkholes can appear, and citizens will need rescuing. All of this will put a damper on citizen happiness and city income, which adds a level of pressure not previously present in the game. Disasters can set off chain reactions of unfortunate events; before, a city manager's biggest worries seemed simple, like running out of power or water. Now, any disaster can cause those smaller issues down the road, leading players to adapt and build on the fly to compensate for anything lost due to a disaster.

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It's often difficult to assign the worth of an expansion to an RTS; these are games that, for lack of better terms, involve a lot of sitting around and waiting, so an expansion sometimes means just different things to sit around and wait for. Fortunately, Colossal Order attempts to offset this with a constant stream of free content, offering incentive for players to buy their add-ons.

New features are also present, such as the radio system, which provides a few different stations for citizens and players alike to listen to. A scenario editor has also been added, which acts like the game's terrain and map editors, but for creating different play scenarios, which can be shared with other players.

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Natural Disasters is the most interactive, exciting Cities: Skylines expansion yet. With each update, the game feels more alive and more complete, and those who perhaps don't find the content worthy of the price tag can take comfort in how much Colossal Order adds to this game for free alongside the paid content. All of these new features fit right in, and the disaster system adds a layer otherwise entirely missing from the game. The pressure is raised, gamers will have to think and act a little more on their feet, and Cities: Skylines remains one of the best city builders on the market.


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