HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales (iOS) Review

By Luna Eriksson 29.12.2016

Review for HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales on iOS

If there is one thing that defines a typical Korean RPG it is grinding; endless hours of relentless grinding to progress. No other company has held this principle as close to heart as one of the biggest f2p developers, creator of Maple Story, Nexon, who also was an early pioneer in the world of online gaming, and especially MMORPGs. The principles from those olden days stay true in its f2p action RPG for smartphones, Heroes of Incredible Tales. For better or for worse, though?

Korean RPGs; either people love them, or hate them. Often there seems to be no in-between on this subject, and the divider is the grinding. Heroes of Incredible Tales is no exception to this rule, but it is still worth a shot even for those more cautious about Korean RPGs. There are many reasons for it. The first and most obvious one is the graphics. The world and the models are beautifully created. This sets the tone for the rest of the experience.

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Most of the game is really well thought-out and designed extremely well to create a constantly increasing staircase of difficulty and grinding to get to the top. For most of the main story, little to no grinding is actually required to beat it as the player will receive enough loot and experience to keep up.

During this introduction period, those in control will also receive enough energy to proceed through the adventure with ease. This is a very pleasing change of pace from the usual releases in this genre that very often live on the energy to keep the income. This ease through the main story has a price though: the PvP.

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New PvP'ers are in for a real nightmare with Heroes of Incredible Tales, unless they are willing to pay Nexon a huge sum of money. The matchmaking seems all but fair and balanced. It is uncertain if this is due to an actual bad matchmaking system or because new players with no intention of paying three-digit numbers to enjoy PvP are bouncing right out when they see their opponents. It is obvious that time and money spent should make the PvP easier. It is silly in Heroes of Incredible Tales, though. A player with worse gear can never hope to win against a player with better gear - almost no matter the skill difference.

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PvP'ers are left with two choices: either grind the campaign plus the post main story campaign, which is no quick feat mind you, to gain proper gear. Or they could pay a huge amount of money to get gear. It is really a terrible experience for people who are just looking for some PvP.

In the grand schemes of things, Heroes of Incredible Tales is definitely on the stronger side of the f2p market. It is, however, hampered by the KRPG designs mixed with obnoxious p2w, which makes PvP a nightmare to enter the first time. It is a really strong ARPG PvE game for the smartphone, though, and that alone is something it can live well on.

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Uncomfortable, yet in the genre obligatory, clothing choices and horribly p2w based PvP aside, Heroes of Incredible Tales is a wonderful f2p ARPG. It is on the grindiest end, though, so it will certainly at one point or another scare off most people. Players do have many hours of fun in front of them before this kicks in, however, and if looking for something fun to spend a couple of days with, Heroes of Incredible Tales is a safe bet as it is extremely generous with energy for a huge part of the PvE campaign. After a certain point, though, players are presented with the three dreaded choices: grind, pay, or leave.






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