Gathering Sky (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 17.01.2017

Review for Gathering Sky on PC

Gathering Sky is a videogame where the player leads a flock of birds on a journey of beauty and wonderment. Well, perhaps "videogame" isn't the right word to describe it. After all, videogames tend to have rules, and the penalties for breaking them can be rather harsh. This title leans more towards "interactive entertainment." Its purpose is to help the player relax, while enjoying the sights and sounds.

Speaking strictly in terms of recreational software, Gathering Sky does a decent job of keeping the player compelled for the entirety of a playthrough. The music is positively astounding, the controls are serviceable, and a few noteworthy occurrences will capture the attention. Still, it's hard to ignore that there's really not much of anything to do in the game. In a way, it's actually kind of nice. The player doesn't have to busy themselves checklists or solve puzzles, just to ensure they've collected the requisite number of birds to progress the story. They can sit back and focus on the journey itself.

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However, the lack of content and interactive elements results in a game that can be safely uninstalled after the initial playthrough. It accomplishes its task of providing an experience for the player, and it might even inspire a profound thought or evoke a long-lost memory. For some gamers, that might be worth the price of admission. Others won't be nearly as impressed, and might even feel a little empty when the game concludes.

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Anyone with forty minutes to spare can enjoy the entirety of Gathering Sky. They might find it difficult to come up with positive words to say about it, though. Aside from an incredible soundtrack, this game doesn't have any particularly memorable elements. At the same time, it's not all that unpleasant either, thanks to the quaint graphics and solid control scheme. Perhaps this is reason enough to give it a look.


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