Adventure Pop (PlayStation 4) Review

By Luna Eriksson 01.02.2017

Review for Adventure Pop on PlayStation 4

Bubble games are, by some, seen as the most casual of casual games and something that is almost solely played on mobile systems. This does not stop 505 Games releasing Adventure Pop on the PS4 - a game that is more fleshed out than many other entries in the genre, including its own story and a plethora of creative obstacles during the bubble shooting. Will it be enough to convince console gamers to play?

The ocean of bubble titles available on iOS and Android shows that it is, without a doubt, a very popular genre with the customer base of those mobile systems. It is one of those things that, for outsiders, might be difficult to grasp the appeal of, but Adventure Pop seems really eager to show the joy of the genre outside of its comfort zone.

505 Games' title does a wonderful job of showing off many of the strongest parts of bubble shooters. The mechanics it brings to the table are extremely fun to play with and are delivered through the story in a way that makes sense and feels logical. Some of the mechanics added are pretty vanilla, such as certain bubbles needing to be destroyed to beat a level, but others, like the boss fights and special attacks, attach a certain feeling that is sure to make it appeal more to console gamers.

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While this is a strong bubble title, it still has some of the aspects console gamers might be iffy about when it comes to the genre. The two greatest problems with bubble games are that their difficulty feels cheap, and that they all play and look far too similar. Adventure Pop does very little to migrate these, sadly. The special attacks help to migrate the feeling of cheapness when RNG makes a stage close to unwinnable by at least giving the player actual options that affect the result, and the boss battles do make it stand out from many of its competitors, but it does still look very much like an identical twin to other games in the genre.

It certainly is one of the best games at what it does, though. The art style, characters, and story deliver a colourful atmosphere that is extremely enjoyable, but it would be unfair to not be critical towards the fact that while it has some pretty clever parts for the genre, it is still little else but another bubble game, even if it is one of the better ones ever released. Those already hooked on the genre are going to love what they see here, but it does not provide enough reasons for those who are not already bubble shooter fans to give it a try.

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Adventure Pop is no doubt one of the strongest entries in its genre, but it is very much held back by being released on a system where it has few fans. While the already convinced will love it, it will be difficult to make those sceptical towards the genre start playing it, as it at first glance looks like a copy of every other bubble shooter game. Those who do play it, though, will be met by one of the most cleverly designed games in the genre, with plenty of wonderful and creative mechanics that are made to make sense thanks to the story.




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