World End Economica Episode.03 (PC) Review

By Luna Eriksson 11.02.2017

Review for World End Economica Episode.03 on PC

The concluding part of World End Economica is finally here. Four more years have passed on the lunar surface, but Hal has not yet forgotten about Hagana, nor his goal to go where no man has ever gone before. However, the situation on the moon is really turbulent, the real estate market is booming, and Hal thinks that something is off. He must get help from both old and new allies to figure it out before it is too late to make a huge profit out of the situation.

Eight years after he pushed away Hagana, Hal still has difficulties forgetting about her, even now when he is one of the most famous persons on the lunar surface after the events in World End Economica Episode.02 four years ago, when he exposed the biggest fraud in the history on the moon, and got even with his nemesis Burton.

Hal's personality has mellowed out over the last four years of moderate success as not only the investor, but also as an advisor of the new president of the lunar surface. He starts to feel uneasy, though, as his philosophy about investment is threatened by a new phenomenon. A constantly increasing real estate market and a new kind of funds that are said to be nearly 100% certain to deliver significant profit developed by his close friend Chris are really messing with his mind, and the only one who agrees with him is the King of Pessimism, Dr. Wallace, an avid short seller who has predicted the fall of giants many times before.

The concluding part of World End Economica feels like a more mature title in many ways. The characters are more grown up, especially the protagonist who, at times - despite his relatively young age - sounds and acts like an old man. Overall, the tone is less flashy than in the previous two instalments, for the most part. When World End Economica Episode.03 gets flashy, though, it gets flashier than most other games can ever dream of. The most adrenaline filled scenes are some of the most powerful in the genre because of how they are built up and how suddenly they are executed.

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While the most powerful parts are extremely powerful, a huge chunk of the game feels stale. It keeps the economy lessons from the previous titles that are extremely hit or miss. Either you like it, or you hate it. While this is necessary to build up the world and the story, many players are likely to stop reading, despite World End Economica Episode.03 having a cast of very colourful and interesting characters.

For those who enjoyed the earlier two instalments of this visual novel trilogy, this is nothing new, but after Episode.02, which felt like a build-up in itself, readers are excused for expecting the finale to go off strongly from the beginning.

It does a great job to tie everything together, though. All events from the previous two games affect the events in Episode.03 very strongly in subtle ways that are first explained towards the end of the title in an extremely elegant way. Players who have the patience to read this to the very end are in for one of the most impactful and adrenaline pumping visual novels on the market.

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World End Economica Episode.03 is much like a rollercoaster to the moon. The time to get up there is ridiculously long, and it would not be surprising if some passengers fell asleep halfway through on their way up, but once at the top, it gains high speed and never slows down until the bitter end. It is powerful and impactful, and tackles heavy subjects wonderfully. It is the perfect conclusion to the trilogy for those who have read it this far, but is not going to convince those who did not like the previous instalments…


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