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By Gabriel Jones 13.02.2017 5

Review for Cayne on PC

After discovering that she's pregnant, Hadley made the difficult yet responsible decision to get an abortion. Unfortunately, this relatively simple procedure took a turn for the disastrous. At this very moment, she just woke up from an eight-month power nap only to discover that an abomination of biomechanical engineering is about to dive into her hoo-ha. It's like the movie Knocked Up suddenly took a turn into the science-fiction/horror genre. Now, with a little one just hours from kicking down her proverbial door, Hadley has to escape a deranged science facility controlled by the Cayne Corporation.

Cayne is a point and click adventure with an isometric perspective. Anyone who can recall yesteryear greats such as 1998's Sanitarium will have an instant understanding of how this game works. Getting around is a simple task, thanks in part to the pointer. When it hovers over a suspicious object, it gives everyone just enough information to figure out if it's something that necessitates a closer look. This helps to cut down on the "pixel hunts" that plagued far too many of the earliest games in the genre.

That's not to say that Hadley won't struggle with figuring out what to do next. The earliest portions are a little confusing, solutions are rarely obvious, and "adventure game logic" rears its ugly head occasionally. It might take a little awhile to get accustomed to how everything works. Thankfully, the game world is organised around a central hub, with each branch leading to different areas of the facility. Many areas are gated off, so Hadley can't just wander around and get lost. A lot of important information is found in terminals and PDAs, so she'll always have a basic idea of what to do next, as long as she investigates everything. It also helps to take notes, even if just to keep backtracking to a minimum.

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A fair amount of the 2+ hour play time is going to be spent learning that the workers in this facility are a special mix of insanity and depravity. Considering the circumstances that got Hadley in this horrid situation, it doesn't need to be stated, but wow! There are some very disturbed individuals interested in her baby. The facility itself is a grotesque nightmare, filled with imagery that's bound to shock and disgust both Hadley and the player.

The level of horrifying detail brings to mind another classic of the past. Might and Magic 6: The Mandate of Heaven features, among other adversaries, a small army of cannibals. Anyone familiar with cannibalism has every reason to fear them, but this RPG went the extra mile by providing the gory details. In the outskirts of the countryside, there are intricately-modelled bodies that have been cut apart and skewered to create an ungodly display. It's an impressive sight to be sure, but that just makes it all the creepier. Somebody put a lot of effort into drawing corpses. Cayne offers a similarly high level of effort when it comes to matters of the macabre.

This game also does a fine job at other necessary elements such as the atmosphere, music, and storyline. The questionable subject matter is also liable to provoke some thought, even after the adventure is over. There's a bit of levity, dark as it tends to be, in this twisted facility. Hadley cracks wise fairly often, but never in a manner that's detrimental to the current situation. Unsurprisingly, the replay value is non-existent, but that's not a huge concern.

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Cayne is a fairly short adventure. However, it's also completely free, so anyone who can afford to spend the time should give it a look. The puzzles can be overly obtuse and annoying, but the game delivers in most other respects. The art direction is disturbingly good. It's memorable, perhaps a bit too memorable. One might find themselves suffering a sleepless night after witnessing everything that occurs in this game. That's a credit to the art direction. Although, one has to wonder how they came up with some of this stuff. Well… Some questions are probably better left unanswered.


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Did you play Stasis, Gabriel? I'm slowly working my way through that atm and really enjoying it, then will jump right into this.

I didn't actually realise that this was a chapter funded through Stasis' Kickstarter as a stretch goal, so that explains the short length and free download. Love the atmosphere of Stasis atm tho, so looking forward to getting through the whole story with this.

Nope, I heard that this game was tied into Stasis somehow, but I never played it.

Ohh, definitely recommend it! Cayne is a prequel to Stasis. I don't play point and clicks, and Stasis may in fact be my first proper one, but it's got me pretty hooked. The sci-fi horror premise and atmosphere definitely helps.

Did someone say point and click?? Ooh! Intrigue rising!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Yeah! Check out Stasis first, Adam.

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