Alien Path (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 24.02.2017

Review for Alien Path on iOS

Space, puzzles, and RPG elements. Alien Path has many ingredients to create a sweet iOS puzzle title, all of this with adorable little aliens who fight to regain their home planets. Whether or not this game lives up to this is only written in the stars above, and this review below.

Sometimes nothing beats a neat little puzzle game to just pick up and play whenever the desire strikes, and Alien Path is here to help satisfy this need with a deft space adventure touch. A cute alien race has lost their home to evil robots, and now it must be reclaimed by sliding into them at high speed and shooting them in a circuit-styled puzzle title.

The goal is simply to pass by as many power-ups as possible towards the enemy by turning directional pads to create a great path to receive more attack power to kill them, and health to survive their counterattacks. It is a simple, yet extremely addictive formula that is difficult to grow tired of.

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The gameplay is very enjoyable, but Alien Path suffers somewhat from poorly executed gacha mechanics. The most questionable part is the extremely low energy cap for most levels at this point. Having an energy cap of 10 at a stage of the game where each course costs three to four energy to run, while a full recovery takes less than a couple of hours, is very poor design for a gacha title, which is meant by nature to be played in bursts once every four or so hours during lunch breaks or on the bus home.

The energy does eventually get a little better when levelled up, but it takes quite a while for it to even be at tolerable levels of recovery, and it would be very much preferred if the energy bar was double the size, even at the current recovery pace of one energy every eight minutes, which is actually pretty good considering that even in the last current main story world, the stages cost just three to four energy to run.

Other than the somewhat low energy count that takes under two hours to fully recharge, Alien Path is a very enjoyable and on-point puzzle title. For fans of the genre, it will be an experience that is truly out of this world.

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Alien Path is a very enjoyable little puzzle gacha game, with a cute art style and really engaging gameplay that is sure to entertain during those small breaks throughout the day. It seems to overestimate how often these breaks occur, though, as the energy meter is extremely small. Towards the end of the main story, the player is likely looking at somewhere between an 11-14 energy bar (88 to 112 minutes). While it is a lot of fun to play, many would most likely prefer to be able to be a little more flexible with their energy.


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