Rabbids Crazy Rush (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 02.03.2017

Review for Rabbids Crazy Rush on iOS

The rabid rabbits from the Rayman universe have set their mark in different genres. What started out as a weird set of mini games transformed into a franchise of its own, and now the Rabbids enter the runner genre. Will their crazy antics put a fresh splash of colour on it?

The weirdly charming Rabbids from Rayman Raving Rabbids have pretty much become the face of more casual and relaxed short burst games for Ubisoft, and it does not come as a surprise that they have entered the runner genre.

The gameplay is extremely solid in Rabbids Crazy Rush, with about 100 stages of missions that vary from simple things like collecting cans, to more specified missions, such as bumping into obstacles. It is interesting to see how well they manage to mix these goals up, while still keeping the feeling of an infinite runner for those who desire it.

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The core runner mechanics are nothing special, though. It is very similar to nearly every other three-lane runner out there. The main thing separating it from most are the different suits the bunnies can gain through a gacha system that gives them different powers, but they don't really change up the formula too much, as the very core three-lane runner mechanics are common abilities, such as double jumps and temporal invincibility.

The mechanics are solid, however, and with the signature crazy and profane humour that the Rabbids are well-known for, Rabbids Crazy Rush is a good, yet very stereotypical, runner. In many ways, it is just another entry in the genre, except with the Rabbids, but that is enough for who this game is aimed towards.

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Rabbids Crazy Rush does very little of its own things in the genre, which makes it feel generic and evergreen. This is not as much to its disadvantage as it could have been, however, as it is both a solid runner game and stars the Rabbids with their special kind of humour that is sure to make fans of them check it out. As such, they will be met by a strong runner title with plenty of content to keep them occupied.









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