Four Last Things (PC) Review

By Adam Riley 14.03.2017

Review for Four Last Things on PC

Cubed3 should be running out of ways to describe point-and-click adventures by now because the majority follow the same routine, but thankfully there are developers out there trying to shake things up and shock people with weird and wonderful premises. Well, one such fantastic example is Four Last Things, a project successfully funded via Kickstarter and mixing the quirky humour of Monty Python with classic adventuring found in the likes of the greats, such as Broken Sword and Monkey Island. It has an odd sense of humour, and an extremely unique visual and audio direction, helping it stand out from the crowd…well, it tried to stand with the crowd, but they quickly dispersed when seeing how strange Joe Richardson's creation was! Better to be 'unique' than bland, however…

Speaking of creation, Four Last Things starts off in the Garden of Eden, with no other option than to have Adam eat an apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, disappointing God and setting the scene for what is basically a comical take on the seven deadly sins, mixed in with the titular four last things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. It is somewhat reminiscent of Heaven's Hope in that whilst it touches upon religious themes, it does not take itself seriously - which will be a positive or negative, depending on your personal views. Whilst Heaven's Hope failed on the comedy front, though, the cutting edge to Joe Richardson's script is sharp and filled with both witticisms and absurdities in equal measure, raising a titter, arching the odd eyebrow at times, and causing a few groans and rolls of the eyes, yet still with a wry smile firmly in place all the while.

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It is not purely out to entertain on the comical side of things, though, as there is a very enjoyable point-and-click adventure at its heart, complete with the expected inventory for collecting numerous objects - not all of apparent use - and various scenarios where said items must be used to figure out how to sin. Yes, sins are the name of the game. Not quite ticking off the Ten Commandments, more racking up the 'Seven Deadly Sins' of wrath, greed, envy, pride, and so on. The lead character wants to be cleansed of all sin, but because the transgressions were committed outside of the jurisdiction of the local Bishops, he must use a loophole to go through the motions of triggering all seven again in the current region, doing so in whatever way possible, and then having the slate completely wiped clean after that.

Distracting monkeys, filling a drunkard's bladder to bursting point, stealing fish from a romantic couple and rotten vegetables from a stroppy shop keep, doing a sexy dance to sharpen some tools, trying to woo a provocative lady through a window - there are all sorts of weird and wacky objectives during the few hours Four Last Things has to offer for its £6.99 price-tag. It is no walk in the park, either, and some of the time will be spent wandering around, taking in the gorgeous Renaissance-period art used, listening to the classical music, whilst trying to figure out the best course of action. A lot of thought has been given to ensure the balance between style, humour, and clever puzzles is just right, making Four Last Things a real hidden gem that will hopefully be discovered by many more folk over time.

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Four Last Things takes a really unique approach to its visual and audio presentation, relying solely on old paintings for backdrops and carefully crafted character animations, and public domain classic music to add even more class to this already classy point-and-click adventure. Those fearing that this is a case of 'style over substance,' though, should worry not as one-man-band Joe Richardson has delivered a witty and comical script, complete with some very smart logic conundrums for players to crack on their road to redemption.


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Joe Richardson

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