ACA NeoGeo: NAM-1975 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Shane Jury 31.03.2017 1

Review for ACA NeoGeo: NAM-1975 on Nintendo Switch

With one of the biggest reveal build-ups in gaming history, there was a lot of faith in Nintendo's next console to be the breakout it needed after the sadly disastrous Wii U sales. A strong dash out of the gate bodes well for Nintendo Switch, and a steady stream of upcoming software both eShop and retail ensures there should always be something to play, but there is a collective disappointment on the download side, namely Virtual Console. With that feature seemingly being held back for a later date, it's up to Japanese company Hamster Corporation to provide some retro goodness to Switch owners, and joining a number of other Neo Geo titles on the service is NAM-1975. Does this shooter target the nostalgia itch?

Originally released on the Neo Geo in 1990, NAM-1975 tells the tale of the last few months of the Vietnam War, where two soldiers are tasked with rescuing a kidnapped scientist and his daughter from terrorist clutches. This story is told via voiced static cutscenes, and for the time, the speech, sound and art is of an impressive quality - though nowadays has an enjoyably cheesy element to it.

NAM-1975 is a classically-styled arcade shooter, designed to devour change like any other machine, providing that "one more go" urge every time a life is lost. The game is an on-rails screen-scrolling experience, where one or two soldiers can blast at enemies with a movable cursor, dodge incoming fire, and pick up point and weapon bonuses. Secondary weapons like grenades can be utilised for tougher foes, and a large degree of gameplay customisation, including difficulty toggles, button mapping, and display size and positioning, ensures new and experienced players alike can get to grips with the game and tailor it to their liking.

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The two-player functionality, as well as the sharp pixel display, lets NAM-1975 feel right at home on the Switch, whether on the TV or on the go. An instant multiplayer option with the Joy-Con, and the onboard save states that can be used at any time, compliment the portable experience.

As it was designed for the arcades, NAM-1975 has a very short runtime, averaging out at around half an hour for a seasoned player. The value in the game lies in the one-hit death difficulty, and, more importantly, a high score mode where results can be uploaded to an online leaderboard. There is a choice of a Japanese or English version playthrough of the main game, each offering one save state per Switch profile, and even a Caravan Mode that is like a timed gauntlet run of the levels. NAM-1975 is satisfying to play in short bursts, but lacks endurance to be a longevity recommendation.

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Another top quality retro game for Switch, NAM-1975 provides top tier multiplayer blasting action, a large range of customisation that the future Virtual Console would do well to copy, and classic pixel art. A short life span encourages quick bursts of play, but compliments its host hardware perfectly.


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I always found it amusing that some of NAM-1975's cutscenes were redrawn stills from the movie Full Metal Jacket.

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