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By Andrew 07.04.2017

Review for MouseBot on Android

There are a few fundamental questions everyone wants to know before downloading a free-to-play game. How are the controls? Is it addictive? Is the pay structure reasonable? And, of course, most importantly, is it actually fun? MouseBot delivers on all of these fronts to some extent, to give a satisfying game, even if it is not perfect.

The premise of MouseBot is pretty simple: move the robot mouse to collect the cheese and avoid the traps. The controls are via the touch screen, and allow for moving left, right and jumping in a 3D environment. It's a classic platformer formula, although the fact that the speed of the robot mouse cannot be controlled gives it an endless runner feel. It definitely does end, though, as each level is a short slice of generally satisfying action.

One frustration that is immediately apparent is that a large portion of the game is far too easy. There are no traps in the first level, for example, and when the first mousetraps are introduced they are easy to spot and avoid. Whilst all sorts of other traps are added as progress is made, the first third of the game is far too easy, as well as being comparatively dull and empty. Perhaps it was thought that the gentle difficulty curve would help non-experienced players grasp the controls or hook players in through the reward of progress, but there's no doubt that it's a little bit too much, particularly for more experienced gamers.

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There are also a few extra options added to stop players from simply giving up on a tricky level. A Level Pass is given to allow levels to be skipped. Rather generously, this can also be earned back if the level is subsequently completed. In addition, it is possible to spend a continue to re-emerge at a checkpoint after a death. Whether this exchange is worthwhile or not is not always immediately obvious, but it certainly lowers frustration and repetition, which these types of games are prone to. The game as a whole focuses on guiding the players rather than challenging them, but the final third or so has a good balance between the two concepts. Those that have stuck around will stay, and these extra helpers will undoubtedly make the game more enjoyable for many.

One of the main considerations of F2P games is how the developers manage to make money. Everyone hates a paywall, after all. Thankfully, MouseBot is very fair in this regard. Players get six lives per continue. Although deaths are pretty rare initially, by the end of levels, the use of continues is inevitable. There are three ways to earn continues. One is simply by progressing through the game. This seems somewhat counterintuitive, as the easy early levels mean that it is possible to stockpile a sizeable sum.

The second way is by watching an advert (of roughly 30 seconds). Of course, how much gameplay one advert pays for will vary depending on how long the lives last, but it is a reasonable exchange, particularly when combined with the free continues that are earned. The third way is a straight up payment of £4.99 for infinite lives. This option will probably be ignored by most players, but may be useful if no internet is available to watch adverts, for example. All in all, a lack of funds shouldn't deter anyone from giving it a go, which is obviously great news.

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MouseBot is probably too easy for most seasoned gamers, particularly at first. However, it works well as a kids' game or one for a casual gamer. The premise is inoffensive, the controls are solid, and the presentation is colourful and works well despite its simplicity. In short, it ticks all the right boxes, and it is recommended as a fun game to be played in short bursts.


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