Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven (PC) Review

By Ian Soltes 13.04.2017 1

Review for Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven on PC

Ever since Europa Universalis IV got released, there has been a disappointing amount of content in line for players of the Far East. Mandate of Heaven seeks to fix this by overhauling the various systems and cultures to allow for some actual depth, as well as providing some nice touches for other cultures. Thankfully, it's not the same as just copy-pasting the Holy Roman Empire in Europe, but is it actually worth it?

Ever since its launch, the East has been suffering in EUIV. Simply put, while multiple systems got put in place with the Western nations in mind, even going so far as America, there was no such system in place for the Eastern nations. The occasional touch up, taking advantage of changes, but nothing actually added to make it any more distinct than, say, playing in the middle of Africa. Mandate of Heaven sought to correct this by giving it some overhauls and doing its best to make the realm distinct, but the bizarre turns that happen in games like this result in some funny outcomes.

For example, in Mandate of Heaven, Japan holds a unique system in which the various lords pledge allegiance to the reigning shogun. A large part of this is trying to keep the shogun happy, while slowly wresting land out to, eventually, declare independence and try to take Kyoto and become the shogun instead. This leads to some very nice alliance making, breaking, betrayal, and rebellion.

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Meanwhile, China, the superstar of the expansion, gets an overhaul called 'The Mandate of Heaven.' Whoever controls the mandate receives some bonuses, along with the ability to enact various edicts, as well as turn over nations into tributaries, which can offer gold, troops, and the like. However, anyone can claim the mandate if they can get strong enough, and considering it is some solid bonuses, it's certainly worth it.

Most importantly, however, is that both these systems are distinct from their Western counterparts. For example, the Emperor cannot turn all of China into one empire with a mandate and, instead, gains more power from having many tributary nations. The shogun, likewise, has similar limitations and mechanics that keep him from becoming a singular nation without sacrificing at least some power.

On the whole, then, is it worthwhile? Well… Yes. While it's not some overwhelming overhaul beyond improving some macros and the like, it does allow for drastically enhanced play for the people of the Far East to really try and set them apart as being different from their Western counterparts.

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For those looking to enhance their EUIV experience to the max, Mandate of Heaven is certainly one of the more 'core' expansions. With some nice and unique changes for the Far East, it will be very promising for those seeking to play as one of those nations. However, people focused on the more Western nations won't get too much out of this beyond a few baseline modifications that really aren't worth the price of the expansion in and of themselves.


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