Scribble (Wii U) Review

By Brandon (Michael) Howard 15.04.2017

Review for Scribble on Wii U

One of the biggest failings of any multiplayer game on a console is the requirement of a controller for each player. With controllers usually running a fair chunk of change, it's sometimes nice not to have to worry about each party-goer having their own controller when it's time to bust out the console for a few rounds of whatever party game's in vogue nowadays. Scribble puts those fears to rest with a solid party game that streamlines the whole process.

Scribble really takes advantage of the Wii U's GamePad functionality, specifically the rather underused stylus. Through a combination of on-screen prompts and various drawing tools, players can compete in up to five different party modes that support up to eight players. There are modes for all different sorts of setups, and tons of different ways to play, which makes it a great flex title for any sort of gathering.

Functionally, Scribble is more or less the classic board game Pictionary, with a few twists added thanks to the benefits of a digital platform. The optional "Mutators" offer up a fair variety of challenges, such as invisible pages, or mirrored or flipped pages. The artist can also choose from a variety of colours and pen sizes to make images come to life that much more.

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The artist has sole control over the GamePad, and in addition to drawing, they select the winner of each round through their name on the touchscreen. The interface isn't cluttered at all, but keeping track of where each player is can be a little wonky. While it makes it a great title for first-time Wii U owners who might not have developed a stash of controllers, it might have been nice if Scribble had supported a couple of other options for players buzzing in.

There are well over 1500 words and prompts to illustrate, and the option to add custom words makes the possibilities literally endless. There's also options for easier modes to support younger players, making it a perfect fit for a family gathering or a night with some friends. It's definitely not perfect, but it's got the trappings of a solid party game through and through.

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Scribble definitely carves its own niche as a solid, out of the box party game for the Wii U. Since it doesn't require anyone to mess around with additional Wii Remotes or other accessories, it's really easy to set up and play anytime. It's hard not to wish there was slightly more to the game, and despite the simple controls, it would have been nice if there were a couple of options for alternative control setups. It won't turn any heads, but it's a solid Pictionary clone, and one that's sure to please party-goers of all ages.


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