Seasons After Fall (Xbox One) Review

By Josh Di Falco 17.05.2017

Review for Seasons After Fall on Xbox One

Seasons After Fall is a beautiful puzzle-platform adventure title that centres around a red fox who explores a vast forest in hopes of rescuing the spirit guardians of the four seasons. Developed by Swing Swing Submarine, this is a tale of mystery and intrigue, as what starts as a basic story slowly reveals more underlying layers. However, the fundamental twist is that the fox learns how to change the seasons on a whim, allowing for unique gameplay changes depending on what season is currently selected. Following a look at the PC version last year, now its console edition has arrived, how does it hold up compared to the plethora of puzzle-platformers already on the system?

The first part that takes all the attention in Seasons After Fall is the gorgeous artwork that is on display. The lush green forests and attention to detail in the subtle elements of the various backgrounds is a remarkable sight. The animation is a treat to watch, whether it is the way the fox's tail swishes around when it turns, to the way that the mushroom-platforms level out into a solid landing with a subtle flutter. While this may not be to everyone's fancy, there is still a level of appreciation to be had for the solid effort put into this department.

Beyond that, the game plays the way a platforming title generally does. The unnamed protagonist, the fox, can jump onto platforms to traverse the multi-levelled stages, while it runs along at a leisurely pace. However, it is not long before the game opens up a bit with the use of the four seasons, as the fox learns to change the seasons with the pull of the right stick. These seasonal switches have an impact on the environments, as the various platforming pieces react in different ways to them. In order to jump onto the out-of-reach platform, for instance, the fox may need to freeze the nearby water stream by changing the season to winter, thereby turning it into a stepping-stone. Mushroom platforms only open up when the season is changed, though, thus switching between these seasons constantly in order to traverse the world is a must, and the degrees of difficulty is dependent on how well these gameplay mechanics are picked up.

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This makes for an interesting gameplay technique that requires constant thinking in order to navigate past the various obstacles that arise in the form of challenges. This is one of those unique titles where the protagonist cannot die. This is done on purpose in order to create a more streamlined approach for casual gamers who may want to just enjoy the experience of playing an adventure title that is deep enough to burn a few hours in, without being a ten-hour time sink that some people just can't afford. There are minor challenges in the form of puzzles that block progression, but they aren't overly difficult to figure out, although for a time they do provide the right amount of difficulty to avoid ploughing through the game at a quickened pace.

The main aspects that let this otherwise wonderful title down are the constant sense of retreading the same stages. The unnamed fox must save the four spirit guardians, and, in turn, is rewarded with the power of their specific season, whereupon then having a direct influence on the environment. Some platforms only "open" up or work if a specific season is selected and, thus switching, between these seasons on the fly is required to traverse the mysterious forest.

However, said forest as a world only offers four unique areas to explore, with two or three sub-stages in each area. These areas are matched to the four seasons, and the game consists of having to explore these four areas to acquire the seasonal abilities, before having to venture into the four areas yet again, now fully equipped. While it sounds good in theory, there are not enough new sections to justify having to retread the stages, and doing so feels like a chore in the latter parts. This frustration is furthered by the lack of speed in the fox, and while it is tolerable in the beginning, once the game starts to drag in the final act, the slowness is simply aggravating.

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Seasons After Fall is a beautifully crafted adventure title that changes the gameplay mechanics of a traditional platformer with the use of the four seasons. The story is simple, although the ambiguity of it all works in its favour, as the mysteries slowly come to light. While a few flaws creep into the latter part of the adventure, and there is some repetitive exploration, this is a great title for fans of the puzzle-platforming genre looking for another way to pass a few hours.


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