Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit (PC) Review

By David Lovato 18.05.2017

Review for Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit on PC

Cities: Skylines is one of the best city builders to come out recently, but its various expansions have seemed hit-or-miss, with After Dark and Snowfall feeling a little dry in content, while Natural Disasters felt much more feature-rich. The latest, Mass Transit, focuses on new ways for citizens to move around.

Mass Transit follows in the footsteps of most of the DLC before it, feeling light on content considering the DLC's price tag. It's actually a little bit worse here; where After Dark and Snowfall brought on cosmetic and a few lasting gameplay changes, Mass Transit doesn't do much besides adding a few more buildings and modes of transportation to the game. Any other changes are so subtle as to be negligible; there's no new embedded gameplay element like time of day or temperature to continuously take into account here, just some new, entirely optional additions to the large roster of city building options.

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The content itself, while sparse, is welcome to the game, with people now travelling across water or via blimp. A few new pre-made scenarios should help players get accustomed to some of the new features by offering transit-based goals for them to reach, and some new skins appear for the in-game "Chirper," a little bird that tells mayors what their citizens are saying about their home. The constant stream of often free updates to the game offsets the steep price tag, making it feel like the devs and publisher are at least putting their income to good use, but for how much this DLC costs, there's just not much here.

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As with the DLC before it, Mass Transit brings very little new to the table, feeling less like an expansion and more like a minor content injection. It's a little worse here than before, as this one doesn't even bring the heavy visual overhaul that After Dark or Snowfall had. Still, the buildings and scenarios present are well-made, welcome additions to a game already rich in content and endlessly fun to play, making Mass Transit another solid addition to the already fantastic Cities: Skylines—but one fans will likely find themselves waiting for a sale to pick up.


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