Slime-san (PC) Review

By Renan Fontes 19.05.2017

Review for Slime-san on PC

It's hard to find the right balance of challenge for any video game. Difficulty modes seem to be the "obvious" solution to the problem, but, unless developers spend time fine tuning each mode so that it remains balanced, they're usually problematic with easy mode being too easy and hard modes failing to actually challenge the game's mechanics properly. Like most platformers, Slime-san forgoes mode variety in favour of a static difficulty that rises and dips as progression is made. Unlike most platformers, however, it busts out the challenge almost immediately.

Slime-san's first few stages are simple enough, with the main objectives being learning the controls and getting the titular slime to the end of the level without much in the way of obstacles. It's to be expected from a platformer; the first world is always the easiest, which makes it all the better when the difficulty ramps up once the tutorial is over.

Each stage has a timer that counts down to when a wall of stomach acid will start to rise or fall, impeding progress and killing Slime-san instantly. A few levels in, the timer starts to get faster, making each stage a race to the finish.

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The first few stages once the timer speeds up are simply a test of basic running and jumping reflexes, but, soon enough, dashing and breakable blocks are introduced. Pressing shift also allows Slime-san to slow down time and pass otherwise untraversable obstacles.

Between dashing and shifting, getting Slime-san to the next level is a constant trial of the mechanics at play. Every level is hard enough where death will most likely be a constant, but they're short enough where it never feels annoying.

At its most basic element, the level design focuses on pixel perfect reflex-based platforming with little room for error, but the gameplay is deeper than that. Slime-san can dash in any direction and can shift at any given moment, and these mechanics need to be blended together in an instant to circumvent death.

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Slime-san shines most when it's using all its features to the fullest; thankfully, that's often. While getting to the goal as fast as possible is the main objective for each stage, there are also collectibles Slime-san can collect to use as currency in one of the many shops available.

These collectibles add challenge to already difficult scenarios. Sometimes they can be a bit frustrating to figure out as they require going to a part of the stage that makes reaching the goal convoluted, but they also allow for stages to incorporate added difficulty without forcing it.

It's here where the developers manage to strike an ideal balance of difficulty. The main stages are already challenging, but the optional content adds high risk, high reward scenarios for those who seek more difficult platforming.

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In making the collectibles totally optional, it's entirely possible to get through all of Slime-san without straying off the beaten path and still having a good time. Getting the collectibles certainly makes things more fun as they can be used to unlock new cosmetics and improve Slime-san's platforming abilities, but they're more of a bonus than a necessity.

The retro visuals and energetic soundtrack only enhance the platforming. The aesthetic allows for more creative levels that feel in place, and the music appropriately captures the adrenaline rush of jumping through a worm's stomach.

Slime-san can, at times, be overwhelming, but its overall difficulty and design make sure it's fairer than most platformers, and always ready to offer a creative and fun platforming experience.

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Oozing charm, Slime-san manages to capture that retro platformer feel while simultaneously adding its own touches to the genre. The high speed, low risk design allows for Super Meat Boy levels of difficulty, where death is frequent, but seldom frustrating, and the countdown for when the worm's stomach acid will begin to rise adds a level of tension few platformers ever have. With an incredible soundtrack, stellar art design, and plenty of unlockables to wade through, Slime-san is easily one of the strongest platformers to come out this generation.






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