LoveKami: Useless Goddess (PC) Review

By Athanasios 29.05.2017

Review for LoveKami: Useless Goddess on PC

A frequent tactic in the world of visual novels is… to not try at all. Most titles, especially romance/date sim ones, never really put any effort to differentiate themselves from the rest, and end up feeling like mass consumer products - ketchup bottles that have minor differences in shape and colour, but all have synthetic tomato juice inside …They sell, though. Despite the same character stereotypes, the same art style, and the same "storylines," these usually make enough money to let the studios behind them carry on creating them. Take MoeNovel's LoveKami: Divinity Stage, for example. Nice and all… but meh, and yet, here's another one, in the form of LoveKami: Useless Goddess, which takes place in the same "universe," albeit with "all new" characters and plot.

This will be a quick read, as it's pretty much the same deal as LoveKami: Divinity Stage, so there's not any point on going into detail. LoveKami: Useless Goddess is the second game in the LoveKami universe, where the basic idea is as follows: Goddesses have descended upon the earth, and are now living along with humans, doing heavenly stuff like finding the cure for canc… err, becoming singers, models, actresses, and, most importantly, squeeze objects for our protagonists.

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This is also a kinetic novel, with the only available choice placed somewhere close to the middle of his tale, and which just selects which girl among the three to flirt. As for the look of it all, it's… pretty, meaning that, while nicely drawn and vibrantly colourful, unless this is your first foray into the world of manga/anime, nothing here will impress. Regarding the plot, rather than helping a team of goddesses to form a J-pop band, the main character now has to help the titular "useless" goddess concentrate on her godly responsibilities and become useful again.

Goddess smodesh, though. Each and every girl is just a date sim stereotype, the story is harem visual novel 101, and the text is there just to help with the whole titillation thing. In other words, if you have played a single title of this kind, you've played them all, thus, there's little reason to try this out, unless a really passionate fan of this sub-genre. Compared to the first in the "series?" Nothing really worth mentioning, apart from the fact that Divinity Stage was a bit more straightforward, while Useless Goddess tries to be something more than the simplistic ecchi visual novel that it is.

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Both LoveKami releases so far are unoriginal and extremely formulaic examples of ecchi date sim visual novels that won't really be remembered for long. Divinity Stage, however, was more self-aware, and, thus, ended up feeling a bit better than Useless Goddess, if only marginally.






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