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By Thom Compton 29.05.2017 2

Review for Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator on PlayStation 4

Some people are very sensitive. Long gone are the days of sticks and stones, as people are becoming more and more aware of how their words offend others. Take this as a good or bad thing; it's the truth of the world we live in today. Not everyone is ready to embrace this new brand of "Say something nice or don't say anything at all," though. Some of those people go on Twitter and say offensive things for the lols, while others go on stage and say offensive things for a living. Some people also make video games about offending people, and those people are ready to lend you a hand at offending other people in the living room.

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. The player will be given a list of sentence fragments, which they must put together into a wicked burn. In reality, it's a game about using proper grammar to form complete thoughts, masked as a series of jokes about how your mamma's so fat or your sister looks like a random farm animal. The objective is to craft the best zinger possible, and to reduce your character's life bar, or in this case, honour, to a paltry 0.

There is a story mode of sorts, where the player goes through five scenarios where they must bring the opponent to their knees. The humour is a mixture of traditional British humour and some often slightly offensive, but still mildly funny jokes. The real humour comes from the absurdity of the insults themselves, which can get incredibly ridiculous. Whether you're a fan of bizarre insults, or edgy referential comedy, there's plenty of funny here to be had.

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The artwork is fascinating, and the voice acting is spot on. As the player will be having their insults read back to them, it's nice that the voice acting works so well. There's a common issue that media has if voice acting is recorded for small sentence segments that will be combined later on. Often it's too easy to tell that each segment was read separately, and it sounds very robotic. Oh...Sir!! The insult Simulator manages to make every sentence sound natural and fluid.

The biggest problem here is the sheer randomness of the sentence fragments, and how often they pop up. It is funny getting an option to say, "Enjoys taking nudes" or "like a dirty rag," until the option has been given to you for the tenth time. There's just not enough variety for the jokes to not wear thin after a short while. Also, you share phrases with the opponent, and this severely limits the amount of creativity that is applicable after a while. It's frustrating having a perfect set of words stolen by the enemy, and finding that any option left is bad grammar. Because the game penalises for using bad grammar, too often there is no choice but to fail.

Still, this is a genuinely funny experience in smaller doses. Playing with a friend locally is a lot of fun, and this is a good bet for any party. Perhaps with updates to include more insults, this could be the perfect two-player party game. With plenty of additional characters to unlock, it would seem there would be a lot of variety found after those first few playthroughs. The characters, though, aren't very funny by themselves, and really aren't different enough to be funny beyond the first few moments you spend with them.

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Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator is a great little party game that also manages to hold the attention of players who may be by themselves. Unfortunately, as one of the game's trophies puts it very plainly, there's not enough to justify playing the game for extended periods of time. This is definitely best enjoyed in short bursts, otherwise it runs stale alarmingly quick.


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what a hideous and unappealing art style

I had a hard time really describing it honestly. It just escaped my words I guess, cause I did like it to an extent, but it's weird to take in. There's something about it that fits the game pretty well, and is even cute in a "Picasso's Angry Years" kind of way. At the same time, the lines on the characters are really harsh, and it feels very abrasive. I wish I had been able to describe it like that at the time, but yeah.   

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