Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound Pack (PlayStation 4) Review

By Josh Di Falco 11.06.2017

Review for Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound Pack on PlayStation 4

Mantis Burn Racing adds further longevity to the base game from VooFoo Studios with its free Snowbound DLC pack. This time, harbouring a snow theme, four new tracks make their way into the game with the added element of snow. As is usually the case in video games where snow is concerned, that means plenty of sliding and over-controlling the cars around tight bends, and plenty of mayhem that Mantis Burn Racing is known for. How does this expansion pack fare into the grand scheme of things?

These four new tracks are additions into the Career mode by way of the two new seasons in the Veterans stage. Of course, it had to be due to the extreme difficulties of trying to traverse the icy mountain slopes with high-octane racecars. It takes a great deal of replaying these stages to get used to controlling the cars around the four new stages, as the sharp turns and split-roads are multiplied in addition to the sliding out of control that is inevitable. However, do not be dismayed, for these tracks are still a lot of fun to play, and it is only a matter of time before figuring out the best way to approach the races.

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There is also a new event type thrown into the mix, with the addition of 'Spotlight,' where the lead racer has a spotlight marked on him, and any racer who falls behind and out of the spotlight is eliminated in this elimination-style race. This is a fast and frenetic event where slow starting cars are eliminated early on and the race can be all but over by the end of the first corner. It is a great idea for an event, and the longer it goes on, the more frenetic it can get. Trying to shake off opponents is a lot of fun, and is just as stressful as trying to keep up with the fast-moving spotlight.

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VooFoo Studios' free DLC pack Snowbound for Mantis Burn Racing is a handy addition to have. Featuring four new snow-based tracks that can be troublesome to learn, as well as the ever-frenetic 'Spotlight' event, this is a great pack of content. There is plenty of fun to be had here, though it is not for the faint-hearted. There is a reason these tracks are packed into two additional seasons for the Veterans. It isn't supposed to be easy, so coming in with plenty of experience in the earlier races, as well as plenty of upgrades, is required to try to at least contend with the best.




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