Mantis Burn Racing: Elite Class (PlayStation 4) Review

By Josh Di Falco 11.06.2017

Review for Mantis Burn Racing: Elite Class on PlayStation 4

What exactly would an Elite class of race cars look like in Mantis Burn Racing? Well, luckily VooFoo Studios has the answer! The Elite Class vehicles comes in the form of hovercrafts, adding one to each of the weight classes. As futuristic as they sound, they also pack quite the punch in terms of speed, and controlling them around the tracks is an absolute blast. However, mind the edges!

This expansion pack adds three new vehicles in an exclusive Elite class: the Harpy is the light-range hovercraft, while the Griffin and the Manticore round out the medium- and heavy-weight classes. Apart from the obvious hovering above the ground, the main noticeable thing about these vehicles is that they are super-fast, and can make manoeuvring around the track extremely difficult from the get go. However, as is usually the case with Mantis Burn Racing, practice makes perfect. The main positive about these vehicles not being on the ground is that the different surfaces will not affect these crafts, including the previous DLC that had the slipper snow tracks. However, do not be fooled, for the higher speed more than makes up for the supposed lack of difficulty.

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Elite Class also packs an Elite season to collect cogs through, but it's just a collection of previous tracks and events, without adding anything new. While some may find it lacking, the previous tracks require a little bit of different strategy to the road vehicles due to the high speeds of these Elite racers. As the Season title implies, it is Elite, and therefore the difficulty reflects that setting, though it is unlocked from the moment the pack is purchased, and doesn't require the previous seasons to be completed in order to jump right in and get a-hovering.

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Mantis Burn Racing: Elite Class adds four hovercraft racers to the mix in their own unique season. Race around in the same old tracks, but with added bonuses, such as extremely high speeds, and not having to worry about the surface of the track influencing the tyres or turns. However, the same core mechanics otherwise apply to these racers, as the turned up dial makes the already-frenetic game even more out of control!




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