Evergrow (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 20.06.2017

Review for Evergrow on iOS

Evergrow feels like a throwback to early arcade space shooters such as Asteroid, but without so much of the shooting and more of the growing and dodging. It feels familiar, yet new, to fans of older arcade titles. Cubed3 launches into space to try to stay ever-growing.

It certainly feels like a blast from the past to start up Evergrow, with its vibe of early arcade space shooter games around it. It hits those strings of nostalgia for people who have been around long enough in gaming to see it going from very clearly conceptual games, which required a bit of imagination to understand what was going on, to more visualised experiences.

Evergrow mixes those old feelings with new and modern gameplay elements in quite an elegant way. The goal isn't, like in those old games, to destroy the enemies, but rather to collect things that have the same colours as yourself to grow bigger and bigger throughout the game, while avoiding differently coloured objects, meteors, and mines that destroy what you have already collected.

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It certainly is an interesting concept that mixes old and new gameplay design philosophies in a beautiful way. The problem is that the experience does quite quickly become repetitive. Even if played in small moderate portions, the repetitiveness is going to slowly grow. The journey until that happens is, however, a very pleasant one.

The issue is that the elements from the arcade feel are not as presented as they could be, while the arcade gameplay is there. It is like a weird mix of elements from both early arcade games and iOS games like Angry Birds, without the hooks to continue of any of them.

All in all, though, Evergrow is an entertaining game, which plays on some strong parts of past and modern games. The mix grows stale after a while without a real hook to keep players coming back for more, but it will be a fun experience while it lasts.

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While fun and interesting, it is impossible to escape from the fact that Evergrow grows stale faster than desired. The game would heavily benefit from having a clear-cut arcade mode from the beginning in which the goal is to get as many points as possible in a more and more hostile environment, rather than solely having a stage-based system in play with arcade-like gameplay. As it is now, it feels too much like a mix without the hooks towards any one direction.









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