Flip Wars (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 09.07.2017

Review for Flip Wars on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has yet to add some big names to its Switch library, but if there's one category that's slowly but steadily getting more additions, that would be the co-op/competitive world of couch games. You know the ones - those with the extremely simple rules that everybody can learn in a matter of minutes. Flip Wars is such a title - just pick a coloured robotic fellow, and start having fun with your friends, nerdy ones or not. The problem is that, while games such as this tend to offer a pleasant evening or two, very few have what it takes to stay with us a bit more.

The rules: pick one of the four coloured robots (or guys in cycling attire), pick mode and map, and start playing! Levels are single-screen arenas made out of tiles; tiles that can be hit, and thus flipped. Doing so changes them to the player's colour, with the winner being the one with the highest count of flipped tiles. A simple concept that needs two things: the analogue stick for movement, and a button for jumping - as well as a couch, as there is absolutely no reason to play this solo.

The battles are fast, exciting, and quite chaotic… but, unfortunately, a bit too chaotic for their sake. To make things clear, while certainly a game of skill, luck also plays a role, and quite a large one, to be honest - although luck isn't exactly the best word to describe what's going on here. A better example would be this: the match starts, everybody but you is flipping around tiles. Suddenly, a few seconds before the finale, you press the big button in the middle of the screen, turn many tiles into your colour, and, quite probably, win!

Screenshot for Flip Wars on Nintendo Switch

Some would say that this is a technique, too, and, in many ways, it is - the problem that this creates, however, is that it makes players feel as if all their "hard work" is meaningless. Out of the standard Panel Battle mode, or Knock Out, which has the players "killing" their opponents by flipping the floor under their feet, it's probably the third one, Life Battle, that doesn't have that problem, as each player can be knocked out only a few times, making matches more tense and skill-based.

It might seem a bit silly to judge what is a simple mini-game so harshly, but that's the thing… this is just a mini-game. Ever played Crash Bash, Mario Party, and so on? You've probably played Flip Wars, too! Is that such a bad thing? On its own, no, but the lack of variety at hand is certainly not a good one. Once you've played a few matches, this is officially over - after all, why continue playing the same mini-game for hours upon hours?

…Hell, this doesn't even have the courtesy of having a fourth red-themed "world," although there is a blue, yellow, and green one!

Screenshot for Flip Wars on Nintendo Switch

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There are some titles that have high replay value despite their simplicity, but Flip Wars is not one of them, as this is nothing but a simple mini-game turned full game. In other words, while this is definitely cheaper, better save that pizza money for Splatoon 2… or pizza.


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