It's Spring Again (PS Vita) Review

By Thom Compton 05.08.2017

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Anyone who has ever spent prolonged time with a child will know that, despite varying personalities, they are all guilty of having fairly short attention spans. It's not their fault, there's so much to be discovered and they want to keep discovering it. This was clearly in the back of their minds when the team behind Baba Yaga Games adapted a puppet show entitled The Forest Raised A Christmas Tree. Let's look at this short little edutainment title, and see if they created a real educational gem.

It's Spring Again is a quick experience, for sure, and one that requires the player to interact with the screen through touch control. The player interacts with various pieces of the environment, which progresses the roughly 10-minute-long experience to its abrupt conclusion. There's very little in the way of actual interaction, but the player's involvement is critical to moving everything along.

…And, frankly, the package is kind of brilliant. The short run time means it's perfect for young children to consume before their attention span is finally dried out. Also, and this maybe even more critical, the simple controls are easy for young minds to grasp. This is also narrated, and as such, guides the child through the experience well.

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Honestly, this feels like a good bed time story, although the game doesn't add much during subsequent playthroughs. While this would probably annoy adults, children often enjoy learning and repeating what they've learned back to you. This means the lack of new content during additional playthroughs really isn't all that bad, at least not for the target audience.

The game also has an incredibly unique and satisfying arty style, and the narrator's voice is very soothing and fits the experience perfectly. The only major issues here are the lack of any additional content. Perhaps DLC would be nice in the future, but the current package is lacking in variety or new ideas to keep youngsters interested in coming back as they get a bit older.

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It's Spring Again works wonderfully for what it is, but doesn't leave much reason to keep coming back after viewing it a few times, as it feels like a cute cardboard book from a thrift store. Children may find it wildly engrossing at first, but their elation will probably wear off as time goes on. Still, for an educational game, this is a nice treat for youngsters, especially those who aren't ready to start slaying dragons and saving kingdoms.


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