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FIFA 07 (Nintendo DS) Review

Football games on the DS are a pretty difficult thing to do. First you have to work out how the hell you are meant to use the two screens, then the touch interface and then you have to fit it all around a nice game that people will want to play. EA have attempted this rather tricky task quite a few times now so you would presume that they have at least made some progress. Well, think again. Every FIFA title on the DS has been pretty abysmal and this latest offering is no different. Even the basic things are done badly, like all the players look like they have been put through an industrial shredder and all the teams are missing most of their summer transfers. Yes folks, EA have produced a top class stinker...

See, the problem with this game is that EA haven't really bothered. It is basically a GBA game pushed about on two screens with a rather tedious touch-screen replay system tagged on for good measure. Needless to say, we're not impressed. Graphically this game is an odd one. The menu system and the general layout of all the interface is really nice and crisp and the sounds that accompany you as you set up matches and the like is pretty decent too, but for some reason the second you hit the pitch everything goes very wrong indeed. All the visuals go a bit strange and for some reason the players don't move in two dimensions. Well, they sort of do, but because of the D-Pad interface they only do it in straight lines and if you ever want to turn you have to do it at a very abrupt angle. Even Bolton play better football than this. We started off on World Class mode expecting to get our behinds well and truly kicked, but oddly enough we four goals to nil. No football game should be as easy as this, heck, no game should be as easy as this.

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As far as we can work out, all there is to gameplay in this title is running at different speeds and in different straight lines and then shooting. If you do it right you score, if you do it wrong, the opposition steal the ball and get confused before quickly handing it back to you on a platter. There is no depth, there is no subtlety, there is nothing to actually enjoy about this title at all. And for some reason there isn't even any pace, the whole game seems to crawl along with all the spark and excitement of Keith Chegwin's underpants.

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Audio in the game is pretty good. There are a few music tracks for when you are browsing through the menu system and your clunky attempts to win during the game are accompanied by the dulcet tones of Clive Tyldesley which is rather nice as it happens. The ITV commentator has loads to say and whilst he sometimes gets a bit repetitive the quality of the audio capture and accuracy of the comments is pretty impressive.
Much like its GBA ident-i-kit friend, the DS version does however suffer from some rather odd in-game sounds. For some reason, the game can go all quiet and thoughtful with the aforementioned Mr. Tyldesley talking over a total lack of crowd noise or anything. Then all of a sudden someone loses the ball or intercepts a pass or shoots wildly off target and there is a hideous kind of hissing screech from the assembled virtual masses. We don't know why this is the case, but surely the development team have no comprehension of the word 'atmosphere'.

In a nice little touch you can create your own crowd chants that last about five seconds and can be accompanied by all sorts of sound-effects fun such as drums, clapping and those hideously irritating air-horns that people always honk merrily at England internationals. It shows that EA actually did put some thought into this game, but a mildly amusing sound feature does not a good game maketh...

But we digress. The main purpose of this review is to warn you against buying this game, and we have to get back to some of its faults. Shooting is very easy, too easy in fact. For example, if you just trot up to the goal (which the computer will let you do) and hold down shoot for the right amount of time you will ever score or the 'keeper will spill the shot right into the path of one of your players allowing them to score. The reliability of this technique is astonishing.

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You can win all the time, which is nice, but ultimately a bit pointless. Nobody (apart from the stupid and self-absorbed) play things that they know they will win and can win in exactly the same way each time. Its like the gameplay equivalent of a Westlife No.1 single, awful and utterly predictable. Just like us, you will hate this game and rightly so.


It looks like a GBA game...great! And what's more, it doesn't even look like a good GBA game. The hideous in game visuals aren't even saved by the rather sleek and well put together menus. If this was a score for pretty looking interfaces then the score would be an 8 easily, but it isn't so it doesn't even get a 3. Bad EA.


Pardon? Aside from Clive chatting away and the occasional outburst of God-knows-what from the crowd the audio in this game is either non-existent or not worth wasting your DS battery power on. Listen to the sound of the cartridge burning as you set it on fire, you'll have far more fun...


We're upping the score there for 'comedy value'. Seriously though, there is quite a of game to be dubiously enjoyed here. It is stuffed full of game modes and there is even a multi-player option thrown in. None of them are any good though, so we suppose it isn't very good value after all.

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Well, that was fun, wasn't it kids? Another dire game hits the DS and proves once again that it is the console of the stinking and the sublime. One day developers will realise it isn't a GBA wearing a clever disguise. No innovation, no class, no point. A game so truly awful that we fear playing it might make Christiano Ronaldo cry, the poor blighter...

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EA are such bastards. If they have to put a Football game on DS, just port FIFA 99 onto it and update the player names.

God damn them.

I agree with the review, it's a shame that EA didn't put some effort in doing this. I hope that Pro Evo will be as good as we expect it to be, so I can forget this nightmare of a game.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Shame, as it's selling so well at the moment :roll: And PES6 DS might not do as well, despite apparently being very good so far...

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

PESDS better be fucking good i am dying for a footy game on a nintendo platform

Mike Gee of iZINE said, "...The Verve, as he promised, had become the greatest band in the world. Most of the critics agreed with him. Most paid due homage. The Verve were no longer the question mark or the clichť. They were the statement and the definition."

So many people will buy this game and say "DS suxx" because they haven't tried the good games

EA will give the DS a bad reputation :-x

Though I have no intention of buying any footy games-monkey football is enough for me:-D

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

sorry for the little OT,but I wanted to ask if we know a definitive Euro date for PES on the DS. As I said I need a goot footy game to forget this shite =)

Looks like i'll be getting PES 6 then.

A typical cross-platform mass-production mentality really. With a flagship title like this, usually all they NEED to do is release the game with the name and it will sell by branding.

The popularity of football backfires for us; if it weren't that popular, this sort of absurd business strategy would fail.

Dum game!

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