Little Nightmares: The Depths (PlayStation 4) Review

By Adam Riley 21.09.2017

Review for Little Nightmares: The Depths on PlayStation 4

Cubed3 has already declared its adoration of Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco's tense thriller, Little Nightmares, across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The beauty of how the game was laid out is that there is great scope to fill in the blanks on the story front, explaining more about the young lead, Six, and her attempted escape from the vessel she is trapped in, The Maw. Does the first DLC, The Depths, start to fill in the blanks and complement the base title?

There is no doubt that Little Nightmares: The Depths is addictive, taking one of the most tense aspects of the base game and expanding that for the entirety of this bite-sized release. The aim is to basically keep dashing from one side of the screen to the other, attempting to avoid the clutches of lots of black leeches, and then evading the grasp of The Granny, a creepy being lurking in the depths of the bodies of water that must be traversed. There are some doors to unlock or knock down, as well, plus hidden items again, for those wanting to explore in-between the running action.

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There is far less careful wandering around here, although some switch-type puzzles are still present. The emphasis is definitely more on speeding through, though, to make sure the child - not Six from the base game - is never caught. There is no actual story, either, so this acts more as a standalone, mini-action-puzzle romp than a real expansion on the core, so those hoping for more insight into the abstract tale of Little Nightmares may well come away feeling disappointed.

Flick switches, grab keys to unlock doors, move platforms around, adjust water levels, distract enemies, use well-timed jumps to get a head start when trying to swim to safety, and just keep running… The Depths is indeed adrenaline-pumping fun, but there is nothing about who - as the DLC refers to him as - the 'Kid' being controlled is, or what the creature beneath the water is, or why random blobs of black goo-leeches keep appearing and squeezing the life out of children. You basically have to go into this and enjoy the run-and-jump gameplay, which is, thankfully, highly enjoyable.

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Some will be disappointed that there is no story progression, or revelations of any sort, with this first DLC release for Little Nightmares, but even the way The Depths is selected from the in-game menu screen implies "prequel" or "side-story" and that is exactly what this is. If the tense run-and-jump sections of the base game were appealing, and the thought of a few more jump scares sounds right up your street, then dropping a few quid for another hour's worth of intense action is certainly well worth it.


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