Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode Three: More Than a Feeling (Xbox One) Review

By Josh Di Falco 25.08.2017 2

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Please note that this episode may spoil plot elements of the previous two episodes, so be warned before reading onwards.

The Guardians of the Galaxy continue on their epic adventure where they try to further unravel the mystery surrounding the Eternity Forge. With the Kree still hot on their trail, Telltale's latest release, Episode Three: More Than a Feeling, finally manages to have pay-off for some of the earlier decisions that seemed to have no impact on the story. Following the trend of previous episodes (Episode One review), this story centres on Gamora and delves into her troubled backstory, as she has to make some powerful decisions in the episode. On top of that, the story finally goes up a gear as the series begins to pick up with an enticing episode that starts with a bang, and rides that wave all the way to the episode's end.

One of the major arguments against the previous two episodes has been about how lacking of any moral dilemmas the decision-making is. Then, to further the arguments, the decisions barely resulted in any changes to the story or dialogue. However, the ripple effect does reach out to Episode Three, where those earlier decisions are recalled and somehow influence the dialogue between the heroes. These are great and manage to sow the series together, instead of the previous episodes' disconnect.

The focus on Gamora is intense, as her story arc regarding her sister Nebula and their tumultuous relationship takes an even greater twist. It adds an entire new element to their story, and the ensuing decisions provide more of a dilemma. Though the previous decision trees lacked any sort of ethical quandaries that fans of Telltale have come to expect, this episode finally sets off in the right direction in terms of difficult decisions and their far-reaching impact they could have on the future of the series.

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Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians are still chasing the visions that they keep having and their supposed link to the Eternity Forge. Rocket is still hurting from his emotional rollercoaster from Episode Two, and he makes it known as his dialogue changes depending on what decisions were made. Even Drax has different dialogue depending on what choices regarding himself were made previously. Seeing all these different characters have their own individual troubles, as well as trying to work together in a team to see out this battle with the Kree and protect the universe is a wonderful dynamic. The script writing and voice acting is also top notch, and helps to keep the story together with believable performances, and with a great soundtrack of new songs thrown into the mix, this is certainly an emotional episode.

The bugs and glitches that were so obviously present in Episode Two are non-existent this time. The animations run so smoothly and the soundbites do not clash or fight each other. Even the gameplay areas are kept to a minimum, thus saving the outdated movement mechanics from being exposed. However, in some of the areas, trying to move Peter Quill around with the awful fixed camera refusing to move around the environment can aggravate some, but again, this is kept to a minimum.

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Episode Three: More Than a Feeling furthers the intriguing story and takes it to new grounds, thanks in part to the carryovers from the previous episodes' decisions and the heart-breaking story centring on Gamora. Everything comes together quite nicely in what is the shortest episode of Guardians of the Galaxy thus far. However, by keeping it short and compact, there are no filler moments, as the story takes off quite rapidly at the beginning, and carries the momentum all the way through, without pause. There are plenty of edge-of-the-seat moments, and for the first time, this series is starting to look quite promising. The next episode cannot come soon enough.









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Amusing to read the wildly different views between you and Drew on this lol.

Haha reviews from all angles!

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