Homefront: The Revolution - The Voice of Freedom (Xbox One) Review

By Leigh Groocock 31.08.2017

Review for Homefront: The Revolution - The Voice of Freedom on Xbox One

Remember Homefront: The Revolution? It launched the other year with a fairly… err… subpar reception. It wasn't bad, by no means, but it could have been significantly better if it wasn't for its constant and relentless performance issues, and it is even more disappointing when you consider how fantastic the original one was last generation.

Anyway, the first piece of Homefront: The Revolution DLC launched in the backend of 2016, titled The Voice of Freedom. It revolves around a chap named Ben Walker, infamous member of the Resistance who is here to infiltrate and help remove the invading forces in Philadelphia. If it sounds a bit familiar, it's because most of the game revolved around this very concept.

The Voice of Freedom is essentially a prequel to the main game, and if this was included from the beginning (i.e. this is how the game began), it actually would have been a much better experience. The Revolution instantly drops people into the open world of Philadelphia, while Voice of Freedom is an entirely linear, story-driven experience - basically ending where the main game began.

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You'll spend a lot of your time in Voice of Freedom learning about what is happening in Philadelphia from within the depths of the city's subway systems. Unsurprisingly, the amount of gear is incredibly limited and you'll be familiar with the majority of items you come into contact with. While you do experience a new area compared to the main game, there isn't a lot going for it.

Remember the performance issues discussed in the Homefront: The Revolution review? The frame rate drops are still there and the poor audio is still there. While it is seemingly better than it originally was, it's a major concern that really does pull the player out of the experience.

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While the experience that The Voice of Freedom offers isn't a bad one and has a couple of enjoyable moments, this reviewer would have a very hard time persuading someone to drop £4.79 on the DLC when the behemoth of performance issues is still an ongoing problem, and the content itself only lasts an hour if you make a conscious effort to drag it out.


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