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Teen Titans (GameCube) Review

Review for Teen Titans on GameCube - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

Children's games or those aimed at a generally younger market are either not taken seriously due to them being so woeful and patronising even little ones would find them intellectually offensive, or not given fair reviews because journalists choose to score them in comparison to other, more 'grown-up' titles. A2M, though, has recently churned out two decent 'kids games' in the form of Ant Bully and Monster House and is now back with Teen Titans. Has the team once more created a satisfying product for the teen audience?

This license has certainly been put to good use, bringing all your favourite characters together in one action-packed adventure. Unfortunately, though, just as the similar X-Men Legends failed to provide enough spark, so does Teen Titans. The game certainly tries its best to look the part, with lots of colour flying around and heaps of enemies zooming about on-screen at any one time. Yet there are annoying glitches, such as characters juddering like crazy when being carried up on a lift (after you have spent ages trying to get all your computer-controlled characters to bother following you without getting stuck on scenery!), that just leave you feeling like the full potential of the system has not been explored at all. The music certainly is nothing to heap praise on either, although this is more attributed to the show's lack of musical prowess more than anything. Thankfully there is some nice voice-work thrown in...but the game's atmosphere is not as strong as maybe it should have been.

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And it really does not help when the game is 'good, but not good enough'. This is a melee fighting / action game when you take control of the five 'popular' characters from the Warner Bros. cartoon and battle your way through masses of enemies until the computer decides enough have been despatched to warrant access being granted for the next section. Basically, rinse and repeat this process and you have the game sussed without the need to read any further...

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For those still taking the time to read this shorter-than-average review, on paper Teen Titans sounds like fantastic fun, with five different characters, each with their own set of special moves that can used on the hordes of enemies the game throws at you. Add to that how the characters all learn new moves as the game goes on, plus you can find stacks of extras hidden around the various levels and already it gets your interest, definitely. However, in practice it is not quite as simple as that.

Okay, the controls themselves are not bad at all, for A2M has once again crafted a sturdy final product. The problem lies in the fact that each character is basically the same and fails to really add anything new to the experience. In addition, on many an occasion you end up simply button-mashing to get through as quickly as possible. Fighting the on-screen enemies proves to be inconsequential, other than for the sake of being given the chance to get to the next part of whatever level you are on.

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Sadly this negates any real 'fun feeling' you may have thought would be associated with the accruement of new moves after each stage. It also drags the game down from a potential 'great fun' sort of title to one filed under 'missed opportunity'. Youngsters may have fun with it, but even they will likely tire of the endless button hitting that is required. But at least there is a choice of difficulty settings, so younger gamers will be able to easily work their way through...

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Basically Teen Titans is a decent enough game, but sadly the lack of variety cripples it in just a short space of time.


The graphics for Teen Titans definitely are quite solid, but are let down by glitches that deter from the enjoyment factor.


The inclusion of in-game voice work for many of the characters is a welcome one. However, the bland music grates after a while.


If you can stick with it on the higher difficulty levels, then you may find it lasts a fairly long time. Others will grow bored quickly.

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Sadly Teen Titans has turned out to be nothing but another license that lacks the appeal and clearly does not fulfil its full potential. Even younger children will likely get bored with the barely non-existent variety and mundane gameplay.

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