JYDGE (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Ofisil 25.10.2017

Review for JYDGE on Nintendo Switch

JYDGE (read its Xbox One review here) is a top-down twin-stick shooter developed by 10tons, and is basically the result of some people's dislike of Neon Chrome's rogue-like elements. Other than that, it pretty much works the same… which is a good thing as that means that it offers some good fun, despite its simple nature, and room for improvement.

The so-called JYDGE is an android that's basically a mix of RoboCop and Judge Dredd. His initiatives? Bring the law to the streets of Edenbyrg - oh, by the way, expect the use of the letter 'Y' in all sorts of weird places. A simple twin-stick shooter in practice, with some tiny levels to wipe out baddies or save hostages in, this isn't exactly a long epic quest, but it's great for a quick break or two. It's the typical… err, toilet-friendly title - you play it for 10 minutes of so (when on a fibre-free diet), and then continue with your daily chores.

That doesn't mean that it can't be addictive, though. What can begin as a few minutes of relaxing time before hitting the pillow, can easily turn into a four-hour marathon. This shooter's addicting nature is the result of its bite-sized missions combined with the various tools of the trade that can be unlocked for the RoboJudge to use. Needless to say, of course, that due to its portability, the Switch is the perfect platform from this kind of game.

What makes this really enjoyable, however, isn't this whole shooting-the-bad-guys business - in fact, if this was just about that, there wouldn't be any reason to try it out, as the action lacks the necessary depth to make one keep coming back just for that alone. Instead, the bulk of the pleasure that this can give resides in the extra objectives at hand, which in turn reward with even more gadgets to equip the JYDGE with.

Screenshot for JYDGE on Nintendo Switch

Each stage has a main objective along with a two optional ones, with the first usually requiring nothing more than killing a couple of specific goons, while the latter can ask all sorts of things, from finding all the crates on a stage or doing your thing while hiding in the shadows, to killing everyone or avoid getting hurt. What makes these so great is that they actually force you to meddle with JYDGE's extra bells and whistles, and, at the same time, give the incentive to get them.

In other words, if this was just a shooter, you could easily complete it in an hour or so by just focusing on firepower and defensive skills. Thankfully, the extra objectives add a little bit of strategy to the whole thing, as the player has to mix and match firing modes, gadgets, and so on, in order to complete those side-quests - the only problem being the fact that some of them can be more annoying than fun, like the, generally, much harder, stealth missions and "pacifist" runs.

Of course, since most of the fun here stems from trying to 100% this, JYDGE is title that won't exactly last for very long, as its core has nothing to show for. As a whole, however, it's definitely something worth your time, as long as you don't expect something epic and time-consuming. JYDGE is the perfect "coffee break" video game, and nothing more.

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As a shooter JYDGE isn't something special, yet strengthening your own Judge Dredd/RoboCop hybrid by doing side-quests and unlocking additional toys to play with can be quite the addicting experience for the few hours that this will last.









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