Cities: Skylines - Concerts (PC) Review

By David Lovato 26.10.2017

Review for Cities: Skylines - Concerts on PC

Add-on content for Cities: Skylines has been hit and miss. Free updates and the game's larger expansions have kept fans going for two-and-a-half years, but some of the DLC has been lacklustre, offering few changes to the game. Fans and critics alike have voiced their concerns on that front, but the game's latest, and ironically audio-themed, DLC proves the devs might just not be listening.

Concerts adds a minor update to some of Cities: Skylines' parks and city policies, both revolving around concerts, and the latter having no real visible effect in-game, only moving around some of the already rich data that goes into determining a city's success or failure. In-game concerts are nice when zoomed in to street level, but for a city-building game, this is mostly a side attraction most fans won't pay much attention to; when worrying about feeding or housing citizens, trying to manage the popularity of in-game bands tends to fall to the backburner.

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Concerts also adds a few songs to a new in-game radio station. While these seem to be perfectly fine in terms of actual recording quality, most of the songs are generic and forgettable, and the style doesn't add much to the concept of building a city. Music rights can be quite pricey, and this is probably where the DLC's price tag came in, but this minor amount of content doesn't seem to justify paying much of anything.

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Of all of Cities: Skylines' DLC, Concerts adds the least to the experience. Perhaps the price tag went into audio licensing, but Colossal Order and Paradox should have come up with more content to package with these songs to justify making this a paid DLC. As it stands, barring a huge price cut or sale, or just requiring the full Cities experience, there's no reason to pick up this DLC.


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