Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball (PlayStation 4) Review

By Luna Eriksson 06.11.2017

Review for Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball on PlayStation 4

Pinball machines do a wonderful job in capturing iconic moments in pop-culture in an interactive way. The memories it can recall as the ball bounces all over the place, triggering lights and cool sound effects as the score rises higher is still an experience unique to the brand. Now, Zen Studios is back with Pinball FX3, giving some of the more classical Universal movies it's magical pinball treatment in the Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball pack. Does it successfully capture the magic? Read on as Cubed3 launches the ball!

Pinball machines are perfect at taking memorable highlights and framing them into wonderfully addictive machines. The rewards take the form of blinking lights while inspiring sound effects trigger the ever-increasing score count. It is a perfect hook that encapsulates the fun to be had when the ball is in play. However, the moment the ball goes down the drain, it is over thus making the desire to give the ball another spin so terrifyingly strong.

The iconic pop culture memories being highlighted by the format are the classic Universal movies: Back to the Future, E.T. and Jaws. This is a wonderful mixture with something for everyone, which can also be said about the tables. The tables are as different as the movies they are inspired by, with highly different feels to them. The Back to the Future table goes through different time periods from the trilogy with varied tasks in each with an easy way to make a multiball occur in a crazy way which can quickly rack up a high score on a fast-paced table.

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The E.T. table is a lot calmer with the core focus on beginning missions by going into the space shuttle. These missions are based around iconic scenes from the movie and it treats the scenes with a lot of respect. While it is a little slow-paced, it strongly recreates the memories. The Jaws table is all about the thrill of when the titular shark appears. The table is mostly made up of one huge open area where Jaws randomly pops up to be shot at, putting a higher focus on being on the lookout. It is a strong table that truly captures the spirit of the film. With a lot of thrilling missions and including highlights of the movie, this table the perfect one for fans to enjoy.

All three tables strongly captures the appeal of their sources of inspiration in the way fans have gotten used to by Zen Studios. The physics and quality of the tables is exactly as expected from the developers. Thus, this pack is a must-have for fans of pinball games, and especially if they also happen to be fan of Universal movies!

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Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball is a very solid pinball pack offering three tables that offer varied experiences. At least one table will catch the flavour of almost any pinball player with the wide appeal of the package. The faithfulness to the movies mixed with the usual Zen Studios quality makes this an easy purchase for pinball fans and Universal movie fans alike.


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