Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball (Xbox One) Review

By Josh Di Falco 02.12.2017

Review for Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball on Xbox One

Zen Studios is back in a big way with its next upgrade of the Zen Pinball format. Pinball FX3 brings with the newest upgrade a bevy of additions that increase the challenges of gaining high scores. On debut with the newest game is the Universal Classics pack that brings three tables based on Universal Studios' iconic movies: Back to the Future, Jaws and E.T. How does this instalment fare in the much-revamped pinball game? After taking a look at the PS4 edition, Cubed3 now reviews the title on Xbox One.

The three tables on offer in this pack seem to present three varying difficulties, which makes for a great pack all-round. Based on the three iconic movies, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had, as Pinball FX3 expands on the challenges with each table. Power-ups and buffs can also be applied to improve modifiers in a bid to reach those soaring heights of high scores. While fans of these film franchises will find plenty of throwbacks and enough lines from the films to pick their fancy, newcomers will still find tables charming in their own right.

Beginning with the better of the three tables, Marty McFly and Doc star in Back to the Future, as this table features iconic scenes and dialogue grabs from the three movie releases. The table starts by selecting a year to fly to in the trusty DeLorean. Then the table ensues as normal, with the ball being launched into action by the plunger, as the fun begins. The table is laid out in a way that allows for many long shots, as the openness of the table, with its varying ramps, allows for constant free-flowing ball movement that reaps many rewards. Due to the nature of the table, this is recommended for beginners and newcomers.

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The second is Jaws, and this one is a little tougher to master due to the close-quarters table format. There are not a lot of open spaces, and there is a troublesome pier that can cause many issues in terms of keeping the ball in play. However, this menacing table hides the Great White. However, its brooding nature is very ominous and always present, compounded by the heart-pumping music that plays. Racking up high scores takes a little bit longer on this table due to the difficulty of activating the multi-balls, while completing some of the missions is also a little tougher due to the exact hits that need to be achieved. This is still a fun table, though, with many call-backs to the film to make it worth the time.

E.T.'s table is the toughest of the three, due to the many ramps that require precision aiming into to make great use of. However, funnily enough, it is easier than the other two in activating the mini-games that are included, such as collecting candy from around the table, trying to avoid the feds with the titular alien, or even recreating the movie's iconic bicycle scene. The point scoring is marginally better than the Jaws table, and completing these missions is a harder task that pinball diehards will salivate over.

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The Universal Classics pack of for Pinball FX3 delivers on three charming film-based tables of the '70s and '80s with Back to the Future, Jaws and E.T. With booming soundtracks to complement the tables, each stage captures the essence of their based-films perfectly. From the magical moments of E.T. to the heart-stopping moments of Jaws, there is a lot to do in each during that great chase for the top of the score leaderboards. While some tables are easier than others, it certainly does not make the experience any less fun, as this pack is a great way to begin the table collections for Pinball FX3.


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