The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champions' Ballad (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Drew Hurley 09.12.2017 3

Review for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champions

After The Master Trials, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received its second DLC with no warning. Gamers were enjoying checking out the last Game Award winners and trailers for some reveals in 2018 when all of a sudden Nintendo surprised everyone by dropping a trailer for the DLC. As fans tried to catch every little detail from the video on-screen, suddenly it was revealed that the DLC was available…to download straight away! Yes, after a long wait with no information on the final release date, Nintendo dropped a lovely and tasty surprise on everyone's laps. This DLC has been highly awaited. The four Champions have quickly become fan favourite characters and there’s been plenty of speculation around its content. How good is The Champions' Ballad? Time to find out…

Upon downloading The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champions' Ballad, a handful of new side-quests and one new main quest are added to the quest log. The main quest has a pre-requisite that ensures only experienced players will be taking on the challenge, however, as overcoming the four Divine Beasts has to be completed first. For those that have overcome this part of the adventure, the quest returns Link to the Shrine of Resurrection where the story started. Here Link gains a new weapon, named the "One-Hit Obliterator." As its name implies, this melee monstrosity dispatches any foe with a single blow, but it also lowers Links hearts down to a quarter of a heart, meaning a single blow from any enemy will mean the end. Watch out for even Keese and Bees. This is like a fresh take on Eventide, so get ready to see plenty of "Game Over" screens.

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While equipped with this weapon Link has to traverse the great plateau and take out four camps of enemies, either via stealth, range, or considerable combat skill. As each is completed, a shrine appears in its location and these are some fun extra additions to the current catalogue of shrine puzzles. It's amazing that even after already creating 120 puzzles, Nintendo manages to bring something new once again, and something that is honestly up there with the very best of the existing shrine puzzles. This is very indicative of what's to come.

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Once the four areas and their shrines are complete, the "One-Hit Obliterator" explodes in a shower of sparks and four orbs shoot out like Dragon Balls across the map. These become four quest chains, one around each of the four Champions. These quests consist of revisiting some old areas and taking on more new Shrines that appear within them. They are punctuated with some nice additional FMVs to expand out a little more of the Champion's stories. There are some returning bosses with some slight alterations and all build to a fantastic new final boss battle.

Outside of the main quest, there are treasure hunts to track down some more items that long-time fans of the series will enjoy. The Lobster Shirt from Wind Waker, Zant's helmet from Twilight Princess and even a set of Phantom Ganon armour. There are also some new mount items that make traversing the world even better. There's an ancient saddle that gives the ability to teleport Link's horse straight to him and a special reward awaits those who can overcome the DLC.

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This reward is already all over the promotional materials for this DLC and was front and centre in the trailer. The Master Cycle Zero is an ancient Sheika artefact that is actually an awesome speeding motorbike. It's an awesome experience shooting around the map on this thing and greatly helps in finishing off tracking down those last Koroks or just taking in the sights. There is an awful flaw with the Master Cycle Zero, however, in that it runs out of fuel and needs items dumped into the tank to fill it back up.

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This is going to divide a lot of fans. Many were hoping for an old-fashioned, classic Zelda dungeon or even a whole new area to explore, and this will not deliver what they want. What it does deliver, though, is a collection of some of the best elements of the base game. New armour set treasure hunts, new shrines to take on, and a whole new Divine Beast to overcome. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champions' Ballad is highly enjoyable and a reminder of just why this game has already won its first of what is bound to be many "Game of the Year" awards.






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Has there been any hint at more DLC coming further down the line?

Adam Riley [ Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited ]
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

I reckon this is it for the first amount of money anyway. However with the vast success of the game I'd be surprised if they didn't squeeze out just one or two more DLC packs. 

However I am a little dissapointed by it at the moment. I actually thought there would be more to it. 

Ugh, disappointed overall, as it's not what I, and many others, expected.

The 1-heart section was kind of a waste, as you could still cheap out and use bombs, arrows, and whatever else to take enemies out, instead of having to put the actual one-hit obliterator to use. They should have taken all your gear away.

The extra shrines had some pretty good puzzles. Some were challenging, while others weren't that much. The recycled bosses were unfortunate, but I put up with them since I expected it to lead into a decent finale, which the final boss was, but the final dungeon was too small and not what it could have been. The boss was good, even though you could just overpower it with your upgraded divine beast powers.

A nice little ending scene, but not the story addition I was expecting. I thought things were going to open into a new mini adventure with Zelda, but I guess the main game ending is setting up a new game instead.

I think when you add what content you get together from both packs, the DLC price isn't too bad, as the hours to price ratio is pretty great. It's just that I expected more from the DLC 2 pack.

Well, time to get those last korok seeds. At least the new mode of transport will help for that.

And if this is indeed the last DLC, what a joyous ride this game has been. Not had this much fun and put so many hours into a game in a few years.

( Edited 13.12.2017 02:44 by Azuardo )

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