Stellaris: Humanoids (PC) Review

By Eric Ace 11.12.2017

Review for Stellaris: Humanoids on PC

Stellaris has had a lot of DLC to boost it since its release. While some of the packs added new play styles or overhauls of features, many of them have been simply cosmetic. Developer Paradox has taken heat in the past for expensive DLCs that often are not worth it, and, given the nature of this one, it is likely they will continue.

At this point, those still following Stellaris will know what to expect with DLC for it. In the past, Paradox has been subject to much criticism of its DLCs being thin on the content, and this Humanoids Species Pack is no exception. This add-on includes the following: a new city background, new advisor voices, a new shipset, new faces, and three new songs.

Reading the list, it sounds like a lot of stuff, but the content is actually very thin. The cityscape is a single scene in the background and is not really seen anywhere. The human ships are cool just to have some new ships, but, again, given the macro nature of the game, these do not come into play much.

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As far as the faces, there are a bunch of "rubber forehead" type aliens that have been added, but it feels like they really missed the mark by not having more actual humans. Considering there are a bunch of various plants, birds, and so on, why are there not more human-like races, such as elves, angels or anything similar?

The new advisors actually seemed very cool at first, especially the "technocrat," which spoke in a dark voice about "the masses needing to be led," but the only thing they do is announce things like "construction complete," and all of the intro is still done by the normal drone voice. Massive disappointment.

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It is tough to recommend this DLC, especially at the price point it is offered at. Most of it simply feels tacked on, and the lack of a full overhaul of the advisors is a major missed opportunity. The "Humanoid" species pack lacks perhaps what would be most obvious: more human faces. Even beyond all this, though, the general feeling for it could best be summed up with: "Is this it?"


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