Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory (iOS) Review

By Josh Di Falco 06.01.2018

Review for Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory on iOS

After the dramatic conclusions to Episode 1 - Chrysalis and Episode 2 - Out of Time, Episode 3 - Chaos Theory begins truly in the dark. Max and her best friend Chloe attempt to break into school in the middle of the night, in order to continue their investigation surrounding the disappearance of fellow student, Rachel Amber, while also discovering concerning information regarding Kate Marsh and her leaked viral video. The two super sleuths, however, may have just got more than they bargained for, as their discoveries lead them to devastating consequences. Cubed3 reviews the third episode in this dramatic tale.

There is something so creepy, but equally cool, about breaking into a school at night, and even doubly so when in the possession of time-rewind powers. Episode 3 - Chaos Theory shows the best displays of using these mechanics with the in-game puzzles. Breaking into the Principal's office and setting off the school alarm, only to rewind time once Max is in the office to the point before the door was blown open, is such a cool and nifty little feature that highlights the perfect uses for this mechanic. Where previous episodes dwelled on menial tasks, this episode is fun from the get go, and as the title implies, it quickly shows the definition of Chaos Theory, and why these powers aren't always a gift.

The momentum generated at the conclusion of Episode 2 continues through Chaos Theory, and the rollercoaster does not reach the stopping point until the very end. Without giving away too much, the conclusion to this episode appears to derail the entire story thus far, and begs the question as "where to next" for Episode 4. The pacing suffers a little bit, when Max is tasked with trying to find the ingredients for a door bomb, while Chloe spends the entire time trying to pick the lock. Finding these ingredients is a matter of investigating all the interactions in each room, but it does not provide a challenge and just seems to be a method to drag out the journey.

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The technical aspects, with the finger-motion movements, are still present, with the title suffering from the same limitations. It seems like this portion of the movement controls will never be fixed, or not until at least the arrival of the final episodes in Spring 2018 - it appears to be difficult to do so. Sometimes the game mixes up tapping on a fellow student with trying to investigate the vending machine behind them instead, or Max finds herself trapped in a desk and is unable to move around it. With it being halfway through the season, it is looking more likely that these issues will never be truly resolved unless post-release updates finally emerge.

The voice acting is as consistent as it has been for the season so far, with Nathan Prescott having some really high moments in the diner in terms of voice acting, while the sadness heard in David Madsen's voice during the family fight in the house is heartbreaking to hear, even with his actions in the past. Life is Strange continues to develop these characters with pure emotion, and while everyone has their reasons for being suspicious in regards to the disappearance of Rachel Amber, it seems Arcadia Bay has many more mysteries to uncover at the expense of some vital and key characters. The relationship building between everyone has been a masterstroke to watch, but friendships, allegiances and rivals will be tested going forward as new revelations continue to unfold.

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Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory is the highest point of the series thus far, which contrasts with the dark and murky beginnings of the episode. While the fun of breaking into a school at night is mildly hampered by a weathered fetch-quest, no thanks to the junkyard stage from the previous episode, Chaos Theory doesn't spend too much time on that. Then it quickly accelerates to an unpredictable and even more dramatic conclusion that turns the series on its head. The voice acting is top notch as it helps to drive the story, while the game's technical aspects are still broken in terms of controlling Max's movements. One thing is for sure, however, Arcadia Bay will never be the same again, and the remaining iOS episodes cannot come soon enough.


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