Project CARS 2 Fun Pack DLC (PC) Review

By Tomas Barry 08.01.2018

Review for Project CARS 2 Fun Pack DLC on PC

When Project CARS 2 released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One back in September of last year, one of its biggest cited strengths was its extremely wide range of racing disciplines and motors. With over 180 licenced vehicles and 60 tracks, and everything from Touring Cars to IndyCar available in some form, it's fair to say that things were already quite substantial! However, there's always room for improvement, and with a strong emphasis on Rallycross and Rally content, the Fun Pack, which is the first part of the season pass, and is also available at a standalone price of about £8, certainly lives up to its name. It adds two new Rallycross circuits, iconic Group B rally cars like the Ford RS200 Evolution, the Renault 55 Maxi Turbo and the Audio Sport Quattro S1, modern rally vehicles, like the Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro and Citroën DS3 RX Supercar, and more.

While Rallycross was already one of the standout racing disciplines available in Project CARS 2, it's now even more fleshed out, considering what the Fun Pack expansion brings to the table. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross is a very welcome modern track addition, which features in the FIA World Rallycross Championship for real, later this year in April. It's an extremely accurate representation of the circuit, and that's probably owing to the fact that it was laser and drone scanned, a treatment that really aids authenticity. On the vintage side of things, the Fun Pack adds the famous Classic Brands Hatch Rallycross circuit, a track layout used between 1982 and '94, which is the perfect playground for the quite ferocious Group B rally cars included.

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Indeed, it goes without saying that the Ford RS200 Evolution, the Renault R5 Maxi Turbo, and the Audi Sport Quattro S1, all of which are of infamous banned Group B fame, will probably be regarded as the most unique motors added to Project CARS 2 with the Fun Pack. As would be expected from their insane engine output, they are wild and notoriously difficult to tame, especially when the turbo kicks in. There really hasn't been anything quite like these vehicles since, so fans will certainly appreciate this ideal selection, cherry-picked from an extraordinary era of rallying. The RS200 and R5 are both very exhilarating to drive, but the Quattro S1 has got be the standout of the three. They all have their distinct quirks in terms of handling and control, largely because of their varying design and engine setups, but the biggest and most gratifying thrills are reserved for wrestling with that terrifying five-cylinder engine in the vintage S1.

In the way of modern Rallycross cars, the Fun Pack adds the Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro, the modern successor to the Group B monster, which Mattias Ekström won the FIA World Rallycross Championship with back in 2016. This is still a beast by nature, but obviously much more manageable than its classic counterpart. Then there's the Citroën DS3 RX Supercar, synonymous with Petter Solberg, which is probably one of the most finely balanced Rallycross vehicles available in the game, overall. Considering the surge in popularity Rallycross has experienced in recent times, it's great that Slightly Mad Studios decided to add to the modern roster further, as well as injecting some of the rarer, iconic Rally vehicles of the past.

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If Rally and Rallycross isn't your thing, fear not, because there are also three custom vehicles from professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr, who was one of numerous drivers to provide valuable input during Project CARS 2's development. The Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5D is a lot easier to get into a drift than any existing vehicle already available, like, for example, the MX5 Radbull. Initially, it can be quite a challenge to hold a drift consistently, but persistent experimenting yields very definitive results, especially for those who are inexperienced at drifting; it's an excellent car to educate one's self with. Just be sure to load the actual drift setup, as there are many available and it's not the default setup. The same goes for the 1966 Mustang RTR Trans AM, which is excellent fun and another unique addition to the Vintage Touring class.

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The most impressive Vaughn Gittin Jr. motor available, however, is without a doubt the off-road beast, "Brocky." It's a heavily modified 1969 Ford Bronco, designed with Dakar racing in mind. This trophy truck is best enjoyed on the Rallycross circuits. While it's slower than the RX vehicles, the fun-factor here is through the roof; it's a real handful. The car's hefty weight is surprisingly well-represented in the force-feedback. It certainly seems as though a lot of care and attention has gone into ensuring an accurate representation of its handling and, as such, drivers need to be particularly careful not to overdo things when transitioning from dirt to tarmac, and vice versa. Plenty of hours will be lost to this monstrous motor, and it can only be hoped that more adventurous vehicle inclusions like this arrive in future content.

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In conclusion, the Fun Pack for Project CARS 2, the first of four content packages making up the season pass, is a solid offering. There's no doubt that Rally and Rallycross fans will be over the moon with the additions here. The iconic selection of Group B vehicles and the Classic Brands Hatch Rallycross circuit will no doubt bring further life to what was already one of the most enjoyable racing disciplines within the game. Elsewhere, Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s Mustangs and "Brocky" certainly provide more than just a cheap thrill or two, and it's great to see unique custom motors being added in. That said, since most of the pack centres around Rallycross, some drivers with interests in other areas may find themselves giving this a miss. However, if the rest of the season pass content is as specialised as this, the future for Project CARS 2 certainly looks diverse.


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