Project CARS 2 Japanese Cars Pack (PlayStation 4) Review

By Renan Fontes 10.01.2018

Review for Project CARS 2 Japanese Cars Pack on PlayStation 4

Originally offered as a pre-order bonus for Project CARS 2, the Japanese Cars Pack is exactly as advertised: DLC that adds an assortment of Japanese manufactured cars to the base game. While totally harmless on its own and a fairly respectable example of good DLC, there is the issue of it being sold independently of Project CARS 2 fairly expensive season pass. It's a fairly cheap add-on that adds new playable cars to the mix, but is it worth throwing extra money at an already expensive product?

In a generation where DLC and season passes are the norm for big titles, it was only natural Project CARS 2 would get its fair share of extra content sooner or later (like the Fun Pack recently reviewed on PC). Typically, season passes cover all the additional content for one fixed rate, but there are instances where the pass doesn't include all the DLC. Japanese Cars Pack is one such instance. While it would be easy, and understandable, to feel slighted by this extra pay-wall, it is important to recognise the context behind this DLC pack.

As a pack that was offered as a pre-order bonus, its absence in the season pass does make sense to an extent as those who pre-ordered would find no value in the inclusion of content they already own. On the other hand, anyone who didn't pre-order, or simply discovered the game later in its lifetime, would find themselves locked out of content that was only available during a small period of time. In order to appease both sides as much as possible, Slightly Mad Studios really has had no choice but to sell the pre-order pack separately. It isn't exactly an ideal fix, but it's the one that shows a fair amount of respect towards the consumers.

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As for the pack itself, the Japanese Cars Pack adds new, playable cars to the roster. Modelled after Japan's most iconic vehicles, the DLC gives access to Honda's 2015 2&4 Concept Car, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R, the 1979 Nissan 280ZX Turbo IMSA GTX, and the 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32 Group A. Although only four cars, four is more than acceptable for the price being offered, especially when additional characters in fighting games tend to go for just as much when sold as DLC.

Each car is wonderfully brought to life, taking advantage of Project CARS 2's visuals to the fullest. Fans of the base game will surely find themselves pleased as they cruise down familiar tracks in these four Japanese made cars. Cheap, with enough justification to be excluded from the season pass, the Japanese Cars Pack is a worthwhile addition to any racer's roster.

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Despite being a piece of downloadable content separate from an already pricey season pass, the Project CARS 2 Japanese Cars Pack is a reasonably priced add-on for the content present. Slightly Mad Studios has done an excellent job bringing some of Japan's most iconic automobiles to life in videogame form. For less than it costs to buy a sandwich, there's no reason fans of Project CARS 2 should pass by this solid piece of DLC.


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