Project CARS 2 Fun Pack (PlayStation 4) Review

By Renan Fontes 24.01.2018

Review for Project CARS 2 Fun Pack on PlayStation 4

A season pass is never not a risky investment. No matter how good a game is and no matter how consistent developers are with their quality, there's simply no telling what exactly a season pass will entail. Most major titles nowadays detail, to some extent, what their DLC schedule will look like, but that hardly accounts for the individual quality of each added piece. That's not to say season passes are destined for failure, though. Project CARS 2 has finally rolled out its first DLC pack, setting a precedent for what's to come.

Should the Fun Pack be an accurate prediction of what's to come, fans have quite a lot of content to look forward to in their Project CARS 2 season pass experience. Two new tracks to race on, eight new vehicles to race with, and a surprising, but not unwelcome, focus on Rallycross make for a relatively large scale and well conceptualised piece of DLC. Adding cars and tracks is the norm for a racing game's DLC, much in the same way adding new fighters is the norm for a fighter, but it comes off much stronger when it's presented in a cohesive package.

The two new tracks, the Classic Brand Hatch Rallycross and the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross, are both themed well with one another. Making both tracks Rallycross based is a nice touch that allows the courses to feel connected, and complementary, to one another. More importantly, both tracks add their own challenge to the mix, ensuring they are more than just scenery. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross encourages engaged drifting throughout the course, while the Classic Brand Hatch Rallycross is more focused on incentivising the driver to pull off sharp curves.

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New tracks mean little without new vehicles to accompany them, however. Drivers now have eight new cars added to their roster, each one rendered masterfully. The Audi Sport Quattro S1, Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro, Citroen DS3 RX Supercar, Ford Bronco "Brocky," Ford Mustang RTR Spec - 5D, Ford RS200 Evolution, Mustang '66 RTR, and Renault R5 Maxi Turbo are all included in the Fun Pack, and each one is a worthy addition to the team.

While the pack doesn't offer anything in the way of new game modes or ways to play, its inclusions do build anticipation for the future of Project CARS 2's season pass. If, at the end of the day, each pack only included two new tracks and eight vehicles, that would still be an enormous boost to an already content-heavy base game. There's a chance, of course, that the next DLC packs may not be able to deliver, but Slightly Mad Studios has gotten off to a good start. Things are looking awfully healthy for this racing sim.

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While by no means revolutionary or necessary, the Fun Pack is a strong enough foundation to start a season pass on. Two new tracks and eight new vehicles add a hefty amount of freshness to the experience, and the Rallycross focus is a nice way of giving the pack a central theme. The new cars may not be a big enough grab for casual drivers, but more hardcore fans will certainly find themselves pleased with the additions. Time will tell if Project CARS 2's season pass will be a worthwhile investment, but the Fun Pack sets the stage quite nicely with plenty of content and focus to go around.


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