WayOut (iOS) Review

By Josh Di Falco 18.02.2018

Review for WayOut on iOS

WayOut is an enticing puzzle game for both the casual audience, as well as the more hardcore ones. Dropout Games' latest puzzler requires flipping over tiles in order to turn off all the colours on the grids. Although it sounds easy, the simple mechanic of tapping tiles and affecting those around it will soon become a headache of a case to solve. With six different themed worlds, and each having their own "gimmick" tile, WayOut is sure to be a good way to pass the time, while challenging the brain.

WayOut is a simple game with a minimalistic layout. Each stage is filled with an assortment of tiles, some coloured, some not. Then, with one tap at a time, the pressed tile will flip the adjacent tiles to their opposite state. The aim of the game is to try and level out the entire grid to rest on the "off" state. It is a clever puzzler that is more difficult than it looks. While the first world won't take long to get through, the subsequent worlds ramp up the difficulty, thanks to the insertion of new tiles.

Arrow tiles will only flip adjacent tiles in the direction that the arrows are pointing, while the plus tiles create ripple effects. Then there is the combination of these special tiles that really make this game difficult. Trying to figure out the best way to proceed through the puzzler will take time, and plenty of mistakes. One careless finger-tap can cause havoc on the grid. Thankfully, there is an undo button to take back that last move.

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With no unnecessary countdown clocks, WayOut can be taken nice and slow, allowing for methodical thinkers to work their way through the puzzles. For those after a greater challenge, though, there is a move countdown that requires a grid to be completed in a limited number of moves in order to achieve a crown. Unfortunately, this does little to extend the replayability, but it heavily increases the difficulty on what is otherwise an already difficult title to complete.

The gameplay formula does not lend itself well to the high difficulty, and many times in the latter stages heavy frustration will creep in. Randomly pushing tiles to see what happens becomes the main go-to method to hopefully get the solution. The trial-and-error of seeing what affects what and how those can ripple into subsequent tiles quickly becomes a bore, and only those really devoted to these simple puzzlers may even see it through to the end.

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This simple and minimalistic puzzler can be a fun way to pass the time on iOS devices. However, that is only when everything is going well, and grids are being solved with minor pushback. Once the difficulty in WayOut ramps up with the added special tiles, patience does begin to wear very thin. The high difficulty of this means it is really only accessible to those patient types out there that do not mind methodically working through puzzles at a slower pace. In addition, for those playing this while commuting, please keep screams of frustration to a minimum…


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