Resident Evil (GameCube) Review

By Reece Warrender 05.03.2007 15

Review for Resident Evil on GameCube

The original title to the largely popular Japanese series Biohazard has been recreated for the Gamecube, does the new version do justice to the original? Let's switch off the lights, turn up the sound and find out.

Resident Evil, the original, is for many one of the best games to grace the Playstation back in the day. When Capcom released images of the exclusive remake for the Gamecube, fans of the series were shocked at such a strange move as Nintendo is often labelled the "kiddy" console. No matter what the case, finally we lucky Gamecube owners have the chance to re-live a piece of gaming history. There has been discussion as to which title in the Resident Evil series deserves to be crowned champion, well that discussion and confusion has ended now, as everyone must agree that Resident Evil Gamecube is by far the pinnacle of the franchise.

From booting the disk you are asked how "Which best describes your opinion about games?" with the two choices "MOUNTAIN CLIMBING- beyond hardships lies accomplishment" and "HIKING- the destination can be reached quite comfortably". Confused by these options and remembering that the original Resident Evil is an extremely difficult game I decided to go with the first choice, believing that I was selecting the "I find games really hard, and enjoy the reward at the end so give it to me easy" when in actual fact I was choosing the difficult setting. I mention this choice simply because I find myself having to reset the entire game and start from scratch as I am unable to progress with no bullets, no ability to save and no life on all saves I had.

After starting the game again on the "HIKING" easy difficult its time to get this review going! The Raccoon City Police Department recently sent out a S.T.A.R.S. team (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) to investigate the Arclay Mountain area on the outskirts of the city, where a number of people (including, the S.T.A.R.S team themselves) have recently gone missing. The department decides to dispatch another S.T.A.R.S unit, the Alpha team, to find out what is going on.

Screenshot for Resident Evil on GameCube

Starting off with the beautifully rendered cutscene you soon learn the teams helicopter has crashed in the woods, on inspecting the helicopter a strange pack of dogs (strange, in the way there flesh Is hanging off) attack the Alpha team. With no other option, the team runs to a nearby mansion and here the story beings to unravel itself.

With the choice of playing as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, providing different roles in the story, different inventory sizes (Jill has 8, where Chris only has 6 slots) and a few different key items. Personally I decided to go with Jill as I remember using her on the original, the choice however wont have a large difference overall.

The game starts at a very slow pace giving you a false impression that the game is easy, this works fantastic as suddenly everything change for the worse and you will soon realize that you're out of ammo, out of health and out of luck. The game features the same gameplay that was found in the original five years ago, with a few additional improvements that have been included, such as quick turnaround (far more useful than it sounds) and the ability to shoot whilst walking backwards. Unfortunately they have not fixed many of the issues with the series as a whole, leaving the movement and animation feeling very bulky and awkward and a camera that can be extremely frustrating at times. The control scheme is a massive issue with the series as a whole and players that cannot tolerate it will instantly leave this title collecting dust.

Screenshot for Resident Evil on GameCube

Capcom stated that the majority of the game will be changed for the remake, and they have done a great job at that. Without changing the classic game itself, they have added new features such as defense items that will save you (if you are holding them at the time) from being attacked and puzzles have been changed so that even the most hardcore of fans will feel like they are experiencing the game all over. The majority of the actual mansion has been changed too placing enemies, items, rooms and events in different locations to once again make the game feel fresh to fans of the original as well as newcomers.

Graphically the game is fantastic; being one of the best titles graphically the Gamecube has to offer. Whilst all the beautiful backgrounds to the mansion in Resident Evil are pre-rendered the animation used makes them blend perfectly with the in-game rendered items and characters. The spooky style, amount of shadows and colours used throughout the house provide a fantastic atmosphere that, when used to the advantage of the game will scare the hell out of you; for example when you least suspect it, something will jump out at you with no warning. Resident Evil Gamecube is by far one of the scariest games that can be experienced.

Screenshot for Resident Evil on GameCube

The games audio is equally as fantastic as the graphics, helping create a truly horrific atmosphere that even films fail to create as well. The games sound effects are nothing less than spectacular. It's the fantastic balance of the ambience of every area in the game mixed with a slight noise that is out of place, fantastic shadows and realistic graphics that work perfectly together.

The game itself will take a long time to complete due to the puzzles and exploring needed. Within the game itself is a range of creatures, a large arsenal of weapons, several different plot directions and 10 different endings; not only this but if you complete the game in specific manners (no spoilers here) you will be rewarded with different modes and items giving more reasons to come back again and again.

This game is truly fantastic and I would recommend it to any fan of the original series, any fans of horror and any fans of great games in general. If you are able to look past the poor control scheme and withstand the fear around every corner then you will be rewarded with a fantastic deep game which will scare you, shock you and reward you like few others.

Screenshot for Resident Evil on GameCube

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I think the push from an 8 score to a 9 score is fair given that this title is truly fantastic if you are capable of getting past the tricky control scheme. The series has now been done to death and thankfully Nintendo have been blessed with obtaining the pinnacle version of the highly loved original story.









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Retro-tastic. Great game this, I really want to see RE on the Wii sooner rather than later, has the potential to work so well!

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

Capcom really did go to town with this. Hell, even putting the fixed camera angles to good use to create even more of an atmosphere. Especially when hearing noises and not being able to see where they're coming from, forcing you to move on to find out. This game has many quite creepy/scary-ish moments (And I don't just mean jump out of your seat scares), and I've never even gotten pat the first disc (not my fault......*shifty eyes).

Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4, were in my viewpoint, some of the best games of last gen.

The graphics in these games were definitely the best by far of the last gen titles, oh well the Xbox might of been more powerful but the little Cube games have better graphics.

Retro-tastic review Reece.

Mike Gee of iZINE said, "...The Verve, as he [Richard Ashcroft] promised, had become the greatest band in the world. Most of the critics agreed with him. Most paid due homage. The Verve were no longer the question mark or the clichť. They were the statement and the definition."

awsome review! i love REmake it awsome game very scary at some points!

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

I played it for 15 minutes and got stuck for about half an hour. Then I left the game on my shelf and never played it again. Whats up with not being able to drop items? I often picked up items that I didnt need or want but I couldnt drop them to free up space. The game does have a lot of dated gameplay mechanics such as the one I just mentioned. I might dig it out again soon though thanks to your review.

-Have you any idea what it's like to be a Fembot living in a Manbot's Manputer's world?

Erotic Spider there is a chest at most save points that you can drop items at.

Thanks for the comments everyone, much appriciated ^_^.

Wo33eR ::: Wo33eR.CoM Website :: Cubed-3 :: [ General Writer :: Reveiwer ]

34,723/1,119,437 - World :: 6,399/137,860 - UK

I love this game. Playin it countless hours at night. Running from Crimson Heads. Must play it again lol.

....a review comes up likke 5 years after it was released? Eh?

Good review and good looking game aswell. Has to be said that it was the best looking game of 2002.

One of my favourite GC games! Isn't it a bit late in the day to review it, though? You can buy for like, three pounds now.

Hell we are a Nintendo community and there is no way to justify leaving this gem out of the database ^_^.

I shall from this day forth be known as Retro-Man!, or something :P.

Wo33eR ::: Wo33eR.CoM Website :: Cubed-3 :: [ General Writer :: Reveiwer ]

34,723/1,119,437 - World :: 6,399/137,860 - UK

Well Oni, if it's three pounds there is no reason not to buy it then, same can be said for RE0.

Mike Gee of iZINE said, "...The Verve, as he [Richard Ashcroft] promised, had become the greatest band in the world. Most of the critics agreed with him. Most paid due homage. The Verve were no longer the question mark or the clichť. They were the statement and the definition."

I have always had a great love for Resident Evil 1, the whole concept of a house appeals to me but when i tried 2 and 3 i thought they lost that with the poor attempts that i experianced.

Is Zero good Hulk?, never tried 4 either but im sure i would love that.

Wo33eR ::: Wo33eR.CoM Website :: Cubed-3 :: [ General Writer :: Reveiwer ]

34,723/1,119,437 - World :: 6,399/137,860 - UK

More retro reviews in the near future hopefully, eh Reece?

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

This remake is a first class work of art. I can wallow for ages in the beauty of the pre-rendered scenes in a way that I can't with Resident Evil 4, no matter how much of an exhilerating rollercoaster ride RE4 is.

More retro reviews in the near future hopefully, eh Reece?

From the great feedback, just maybe ^_^.

Wo33eR ::: Wo33eR.CoM Website :: Cubed-3 :: [ General Writer :: Reveiwer ]

34,723/1,119,437 - World :: 6,399/137,860 - UK

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