Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory (PC) Review

By Eric Ace 19.03.2018 1

Review for Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory on PC

Following the typical Paradox method of gameplay and DLC, Cubed3 will be reviewing a series of DLC for this game, Hearts of Iron IV. Many people have openly criticised this method of endless paid DLC to expand the base title, and, unfortunately, there has been a history of DLC that was severely lacking. Cubed3 will be checking out some of the major DLC for Hearts of Iron IV in a series of reviews, following on from coverage of the original release.

Unfortunately, this is one of those Paradox DLC releases that is going to be looked down upon for charging a lot for not giving a lot. Hearts of Iron IV is interesting in that arguably all of the content is already in the base game. After all, nations like New Zealand, of course, were around, but now there is a charge to play as these minor countries.

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The entire premise of Together for Victory is to play as parts of the United Kingdom's empire, with the major decision of either staying with all your fellow countries or going your own way. Staying is not a realistic choice because the player is literally committing to being nothing more than a small-time player in a larger war.

Going their own way is, of course, more interesting, but for better or worse this game is realistic. What that means is that when you play a nation like New Zealand, you will never be important at all. There are a few small trick moves that can be pulled, but in general there is nothing to do. There is no way to bring it up to some sort of super empire, which takes away part of the entire reason of playing a DLC like this in the first place.

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Having more small nations might seem good, but the reality is many of the nations are completely unplayable, short of some strict gambit or cheap AI tactic. The nations are too small, too irrelevant to matter and, as a result, the entire premise of this DLC is rendered negative. Sadly, Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory falls into the issues seen with other downloadable content from Paradox Interactive.


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FoxDom#0746 (guest) 22.08.2019#1

It feels like this reviewer has never played hoi4 for a longer period of time, maybe not even once. In this game no matter how small the nation it can go from insignificant doorstep for ones expansions to the Soviet Unions most important ally and the bane of the US.

1/10 Shitty review
dont listen to it go buy it anyways

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