The Orient Express (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 31.03.2018

Review for The Orient Express on iOS

First of all, it should be noted that no, this game is not based on that novel that got a movie release last year, it was just conveniently released around the same time as that movie's release and took place on the same famous train, which might easily cause one to believe that that might have been the case. Glad that's cleared up! Once past the initial disappointment of not getting to solve a murder mystery as everyone's favourite moustachioed detective, will the game deliver a mystery worthy of the hype? Read on as Cubed3 boards The Orient Express on iOS.

With the movie based on Agatha Christie's novel releasing near this game's release, it is very easy to assume this is going to be based off of that novel, which might very well be one of the best mystery novel's ever written but, alas, it is not. Instead, players are treated an entirely new mystery, taking the role as a reporter who is looking to figure out the truth behind one very strange death aboard of The Orient Express.

The gameplay found within The Orient Express is nothing but the very basic shell most would expect from a mystery title. It is some hidden object puzzles mixed with an occasional different puzzle to keep the experience just fresh enough to keep the player moving forward. It is an average experience that could have become a pretty decent experience if there was a good story attached to it, which one might rightfully expect of a mystery game.

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Sadly, none is to be found. This is filled with extremely forgettable characters that are just talked to just a couple of times throughout in extremely brief and generic dialogue. There is nothing that jumps at the player as good writing, and no character will get anyone excited as they walk through The Orient Express in their search for the truth.

Regrettably, to top all of this off, The Orient Express has a double whammy of the classical timegates/paygates, which adds to the cheap feel this mystery novel already had through its novel gameplay and forgettable story. It mixes a traditional energy system with straight out timegates in the style of "wait for 12 hours for x to happen."

It is very easy to want to like The Orient Express as a novel, as the setting is very good and the protagonist surprisingly sympathetic for a detective and still having her work for the role. However, all of the flaws stacked upon one another such as the double whammy of paygates and poorly written side characters all contribute to make this a game that is extremely forgettable and not worthwhile the players' time. It has a cheap feeling to it, and not the charming kind of cheap, like Minecraft.

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The gameplay of The Orient Express is the very basic of what one can expect from the genre with nothing more to it, and the story - despite its great setting and premise - is extremely weak. Adding this up with overhyping itself by naming the game in a way that associates it with one of the of the current time most-hyped mystery novels and the nasty paygate double whammy makes it feel more like a disappointment than it probably would have been had it just worked a little more on negating one of these flaws.









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