Late Shift (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Adam Riley 29.04.2018

Review for Late Shift on Nintendo Switch

If you had the choice to change the outcome of things in the world, what would you do? Stick around in a threatening situation or scarper; help someone or leave them to it; take something for your own gain or prefer to be selfless instead? There are many decisions made each and every day, but in Late Shift (reviewed here on PC and PS4) you are in control of a movie experience, able to adjust the finale dependent on choices made at key junctures. Whilst intriguing, is this an engaging enough experience to warrant multiple plays to see all of the endings?

Matt, a young valet (played by the relatively unknown Joe Sowerbutts), gets wrapped up in a heist and there are basically two ways it can all end: go along with the plans, or face certain death. The idea behind Late Shift is that you are in the role of Matt, making key decisions along the way, guiding the story in varying directions. Comply and see where things go, or try to raise awareness of the crime-in-progress at any opportunity, running the risk of being harmed in the process? Stand up to a group of drunken street thugs, or keep your head down and carry onwards? Try to win the girl (May-ling, expertly portrayed by the wonderful Haruka Abe - 47 Ronin, My Phone Genie), or look after number one at all costs? The choice is yours.

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As the action plays out, snap judgements need to be made, as two or three option boxes pop up at the bottom of the screen at certain junctures, with mere seconds to make the final choice before the default option is auto-selected. This works perfectly on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode as the touch-screen was made for this sort of experience, working as a great way to watch the taut thriller, as well as allowing for quick-touch responses to the situations faced.

With multiple endings to acquire, and all the chapter scenes only being unlocked via several tries, the lack of a fast-forward or skip function to swiftly get by already viewed scenes means that, despite the movie itself being highly enjoyable, certain aspects of Late Shift grow stale too quickly. Tricks end up being used to get all the achievements and outcomes; for instance, triggering a specific event, watching for as long as possible to trigger the achievement, before quitting out of the game and re-loading the last save, to start afresh at the beginning of just the last chapter viewed, rather than going from the very beginning each time. Such actions should not be required, so it is hoped that - as found in 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and the other Zero Escape entries - some form of speed-up or jump feature can be included in future games of this ilk from CtrlMovie and Wales Interactive to avoid too much scene-repetition.

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Late Shift is a great attempt at reviving FMV-led gaming, avoiding the pitfalls of The Bunker by choosing to opt for a purer movie direction rather than including unnecessary forced interactions, making it almost visual novel-esque with its decision-making route and multiple endings inclusion to encourage repeated play-throughs. The acting is fantastic throughout, and the set-up, whilst not too original, is still engaging enough to hold attention. The lack of fast-forward to skip through already viewed scenes is a downfall, though, and some glitches experienced during review in terms of the number of endings recorded hold this back slightly, but otherwise this is a highly enjoyable interactive experience.




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