Fast Beat Loop Racer GT (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 25.05.2018

Review for Fast Beat Loop Racer GT on PC

They call him 'Wild Swan.' A prodigy in the world of street racing, Ryo Sawada astonishes his opponents with his unparalleled driving ability. However, numerous dark secrets lurk deep in the heart of what is already an incredibly dangerous sport. A shady organisation is manipulating the world's top racers into committing heinous crimes. There's no telling what they are capable of, and only the fastest and most daring drivers have a chance at uncovering the truth. Embrace the passion for racing in Fast Beat Loop Racer GT.

These days, trying to find a competent arcade racing game is like trying to find water in the desert. Just when somebody thinks they have stumbled upon an oasis, it turns out to be a mirage. Take the Ridge Racer series, for example. Quite a few of those titles were never actually released in arcades, but they are still considered arcade racers. On the other hand, Ridge Racer Unbounded is a different style of racing game, one that doesn't adhere to the ideals the subgenre should strive for.

Basically, a lot of so-called arcade racers are more enamoured with spectacle than actual racing. They obsess over intricately rendered car models, open-world mechanics, and massive crashes. The worst of the worst seem to think that looking at smouldering wreckage as it sails through the air at 200 kilometres an hour every few seconds is exciting. Well… in a way they are right, but not in the way that truly matters. What it all comes down to is that the best arcade racers focus entirely on what's most important: the racing. Expertly handling the fiercest tracks or roads while feeling that incredible sensation of speed? That's what utopia is all about.

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Before diving into the particulars, it should be pointed out that Fast Beat Loop Racer GT gets it right. For the most part, this title is reminiscent of yesteryear's classics. The controls are very easy to grasp, but take a long time to master. In other words, the difference between making a turn and making a turn without slowing down too much is really pronounced. The tracks are simple to navigate, but the fierce competition and constant presence of traffic means that always staying invested is imperative. This is the sort of racer that's designed to be immediately accessible, while still offering plenty of depth to appeal to veterans.

Upon starting a new game, players are prompted to decide on a car. Each vehicle has varying stats. Horsepower determines top speed, which is essential. Handling effects the amount of rpms lost while steering. Try to boost this attribute as soon as possible, because even lane changes cause the speed to drop. Aerodynamics can more or less be considered the acceleration attribute. Building that up will reduce wind resistance, which allows cars to reach top speeds more quickly. Experience is earned after completing races. Upon levelling up, the driver is awarded a point for investing in one of the three attributes, although they are also free to redistribute all of their points before the next race. Keep in mind that despite the presence of level-ups, eventually stats can be maxed out. There's no way for someone to grind to success; either they become a better driver, or they continue to lose.

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The story mode is unique in the sense that the player is always the "3rd or 4th person." When Ryo races his rival Fei-Long, for instance, Ryo or Fei-Long are not actually controlled directly. Instead, players are in their own car and must beat both Ryo and Fei-Long in order to progress through the story. Races are dynamic in the sense that rivals can pull ahead of one another and switch places. It's up to the player to make the best of these scenarios and get the win.

One of the consistently frustrating aspects of racers is the AI opposition, and Fast Beat Loop Racer GT isn't any different. Recovering from something as serious as a crash isn't too hard, because nicking walls or bumping into cars won't slow things down too much. However, those minor mistakes will add up quickly and result in lost races. Conversely, the AI won't even flinch if they smash head-on into another car. It doesn't matter if they skid into a guardrail while cornering, either. It goes without saying, but having the AI appropriately react to all of their mistakes sets a troubling precedent. Races become less about perfect driving and more about hoping the opponents have a bad wreck. Inevitably, this leads to wins being decided at random, and that's just not the way to go. Still, when an AI rival can run into so many walls and not lose any speed, it gets to be really annoying.

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The other modes include the standard Time Attack, as well as something special called a Mileage Mode. Mileage Mode challenges players to drive for as long as possible under a very strict time limit. More seconds can be added by defeating rivals and slipstreaming. It's a clever idea, but a little too stilted. Whenever a new rival appears, there's a short cut-scene introducing them. The game will also pause for a second whenever the rival is beaten. The constant breaks in the action really hurt the pacing, and take drivers out of the action at the worst possible moment. There are few things worse than a sudden pause just before a turn.

Online multiplayer is also available; however, currently there seem to be a few bugs. During the review phase, this critic wasn't able to participate in a race. The load times, which are already rather high in the single-player modes, become a little ridiculous when trying to play with others. Also, seconds before the race was supposed to start, the game outright crashed. Apparently this is an issue that's mostly affecting Windows 10 users. Hopefully it will be sorted out before too long.

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Even accounting for its tough AI and problematic online mode, Fast Beat Loop Racer GT is still quite impressive. Races are just as intense and fun as fans of the genre could ask for. Dealing with traffic while trying to overtake rivals creates an awesome dynamic. It's especially satisfying to make those minor nudges and miss other vehicles by inches. The RPG aspects aren't too intrusive and actually help add to the challenge. After all, a faster car is harder to control. All in all, this arcade racer is a success.


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