Stellaris: Distant Stars (PC) Review

By Eric Ace 29.05.2018

Review for Stellaris: Distant Stars on PC

Stellaris, for those that have not played it, is a unique 4x strategy game that is in real-time and primarily played multiplayer in a 'role playing' type scenario (although it is extremely playable single-player, as well). The game focuses more of the macroscopic view of an empire, eschewing micromanagement. It has a long history with all its DLC content, some of which have been very interesting updates, such as Apocalypse, whereas others have been sad cash grabs. Distant Stars comes alongside a massive update to the base, and together they give a lot of new content.

This DLC reminds of the Apocalypse or Utopia DLC in that there are actual interesting changes and content included. It comes alongside another update to the base, so in many cases what is being discussed here is hard to separate in terms of the update compared to the DLC.

Among the biggest changes is a massive expansion to survey events. In previous plays it was extremely common to run into the same event four or five times. There are plenty of simple new anomalies to read and find, but the real depth is in more involved ones that will be explained. An interesting aspect is now some of these actually ones that are bad, and it adds a bit of a change to merely just clicking on everything.

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The developer has re-worked the hyper-lanes that made it have more inter-connectivity, while also making choke points. It acts as a sort of terrain, which was needed, rather than amorous blob empires that once were in the mix. There is a rush to grab the choke points, shutting off any expansion beyond them for those too slow to get there first.

Other changes have gone a long way to increasing the fun and decreasing the grind. Most of this DLC is focused in the early and mid-game where it can be very 'grindy' - just claiming land and nothing happening. This adds a lot of new things to explore, such as a secretive 'L-Cluster' of stars that can only be arrived at through closed wormholes, or a 'Shrouded World.' All of these involve a lot of work, which keeps the player engaged.

Along with this, the new patch goes a long way to making the action more fun, as well; there are a lot of balancing changes and improvements. There is enough merely in the rebalance to make it feel like a slightly different title, and with all the new events / DLC, even those who haven't picked it up in a while will find enjoyment.

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Stellaris: Distant Stars is an example of DLC done right. Some of the DLC in the past has not fared well, but this is a clear exception. New content, new balance changes, and a new experience, breathe life into what is definitely a game that is really starting to come into its own light. Fans will want to pick it up for sure, and those who have not touched the game in a while will certainly find a new reason to load it back up.


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