Vesta (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 28.06.2018

Review for Vesta on Nintendo Switch

What's the most common mistake small, indie productions make? Low audio-visual quality? A lack of innovative ideas? An abundance of bugs? No. This part of the medium has proven, time and time again, that it can rival the quality of triple-A titles, offer unique concepts, and be less problematic than most fully-priced games. The real problem is an overabundance of releases that are decent... and that's about it; those perfect "Fives;" the purely average ones; those where there's really nothing to say about them - and Vesta, for Nintendo Switch, is exactly that...

This follows a cute, red-haired child, who lives in a garden deep inside an autonomous, industrial facility devoid of any life (besides her), and who must… well, do something in there. Honestly, while Vesta tries a lot to provide an engaging story, it's really hard to care, or pay attention to the scattered pieces of info that let the player understand what this place is all about. The light-hearted, humorous approach to it all makes this adventure slightly less boring, but don't expect anything experienced here to remain with you for long.

By all means, this is just an action-puzzler, and nothing more; one where the titular heroine must complete level after level, mainly by juggling the green energy that she can absorb from, and redistribute to, the batteries that are scattered around, while also being careful to not get hit by the robotic denizens of this colourful, yet unremarkable, metal dungeon, as she is quite the fragile character, with death coming in just one hit.

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As expected, the levels get progressively harder, but not so much that they will create any problems - in fact, one could say that Vesta is a bit too easy, as the majority of the obstacles can be traversed by using simple put-two-and-two-together conventional logic. As an example: activating a bridge requires one unit of energy, but you need that very unit to open the door after the bridge? Well, just re-take the energy once the bridge is "created," and voilà!

While Vesta will soon be accompanied by a hulking droid that can throw her above gaps, or shoot at enemies to stun them, enabling her to steal their energy, this ally doesn't really raise the complexity of the puzzling that much. Frankly, it's much easier to lose by rushing to get that elevator platform and falling to your death, or accidentally touching an enemy by walking too close to it.

Other than that, don't expect much challenge from this puzzler, despite the occasional challenging bit in later levels. This lack of difficulty, however, is the lesser of the problems at hand. The main one is simply how generic everything feels. Vesta is one of those games that can be thoroughly described in a few sentences, as there's not much to do here. It controls, plays, and looks decent, but it doesn't really go the distance and build on these decent foundations to make things more interesting.

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Vesta is the perfect... average game. There's nothing objectively wrong with it, but there's also nothing special here, either. It's a simple action-puzzler, with simple tests of wit, and simple mechanics to deal with them.


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