Cosmic Snake 8473/3671 (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 29.06.2018

Review for Cosmic Snake 8473/3671 on PC

In the furthest reaches of space, the cosmic snake forages for food. As would be expected from a lifeform that lives trillions of light years away from the Milky Way, this serpent sustains itself on everyday fruits and gems. However, its diet has drawn the ire of the many other inhabitants of this faraway hunk of rock. It seems that whenever these creatures die, their bodies immediately turn into piles of fruit and gems, which is awfully convenient. Naturally, they don't take kindly to a snake that's always trying to kill them, but that's life in the world of Cosmic Snake 8473/3671.

Before this review can begin in earnest, the "Cosmic Snake Effect" must be explained. Basically, after someone spends enough time playing Cosmic Snake 8473/3671, they might open their word processor only to find themselves manipulating the cursor so that it "props up" the paragraphs. Now, why would anyone do such a ridiculous thing? Well, it's because otherwise all of those precious characters are going to tumble down to the bottom of the page. Next thing that happens is that the title of the article escapes and starts running rampant. Then all those bullet-points are flying everywhere and it's just a huge disaster.

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Unlike most of the snakes back on Earth, the cosmic snake doesn't rely on venom or constriction to subdue its prey. Instead, by tunneling through the ground, the snake chips away at the foundation. When it collapses, everything underneath is immediately crushed. As if by magic, those recently-flattened creeps turn into so much precious fruit and gems. Knowing this, it's no surprise that someone could fall victim to the "Cosmic Snake Effect." Imagine setting these traps, over and over again for hours at a time. When everything comes crashing down, the process repeats. It's madness, and undeniably fun.

The pacing of this title is unique in the sense that it is determined entirely by the player. The speed can be adjusted at any time, which effects how fast everything moves, as well as how quickly the screen fills up with more dirt. Naturally, when the cosmic snake's only method of self-defence is their ability to cause cave-ins, there needs to be continuous opportunities for natural disasters. Otherwise this would result in a very short game. Still, that doesn't mean that the serpent can be wasteful. A number of enemies, such as fire-spewing bats, can tear through the dirt, destroying carefully-constructed traps, and leaving no place for the serpent to hide. The key to survival is patience. There is only one life, and it ends the instant the cosmic snake's head collides with a baddie or a projectile. It's worth taking advantage of the optional turn-based mode, as nothing moves unless the player-character does.

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As with numerous arcade-style games, Cosmic Snake 8473/3671 does not have an ending. The goal is to earn as high a score as possible. Not getting hit is one part of the equation; the other is amassing huge combo bonuses. On their own, fruits and gems aren't worth a lot of points, but as the combo accumulates, a huge multiplier bonus is tacked on. Cherries are worth a mere 100 points, for example, but increase in value to 10,000 when the chain count is 100. The catch, however, is that for every move the snake makes, the combo counter drops by one. In other words, in order to build the chain, they must be actively feasting whenever possible, while trying to avoid making unnecessary movements. While it does pay to amass huge piles of wealth, eventually the dreaded Space Mouse will appear, and devour any riches left unattended.

Once the player gains an understanding of this game's mechanics, they will be absolutely enthralled by just how addictive it can be. Due to all of the circumstances that can occur in a single game, the strategy is always changing. At first, they will come up with clever methods for destroying several foes at once, but as the intensity ramps up, they will be scrambling to stay one step ahead of the baddies. Given enough time, new techniques will be created. One thing to point out is that enemies can be defeated if fruit or gems fall on them. Anyone mindful of their current situation will prepare accordingly, leaving valuables tucked away in certain locations, whenever they need to kill something quickly. Again, the option is there for everybody to pace themselves accordingly. The action will never get too intense or too relaxed.

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However, barring the snake's death, this game never ends. Achieving an exceptionally high score can potentially take hours, so be sure to have a couple albums to listen to. Ultimately, anyone looking for a quick and dirty score-attack should steer clear. This puzzler is more attuned to gamers willing to take all of the time they need. Despite this, boredom never really becomes a possibility. The immediate thrill of destroying numerous foes at once is always pleasant. Also, since Game Over is always one serious mistake away, there's reason enough to stay focused, no matter the situation.

Alongside online leaderboards for both high scores and combo chains, this also supports replays. After a game has ended, the player can save a replay detailing the entirety of their efforts. This is a great way to share strategies or show off. Thankfully, unlike a number of other games that offer replay support, there aren't any desyncing issues.

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Cosmic Snake 8473/3671 is a falling block puzzler that's unlike almost everything else out there. However, if willing to make time for it, players will discover that it's very addictive and enjoyable. The unique mechanics benefit heavily from the simplistic controls and varied pacing. Gamers essentially have all of the time in the world to figure out how everything works. The "sandbox" design allows for immense freedom in building the perfect cavern for leading monsters to their demise. Altogether, this is a fresh take on an established genre that will steal away dozens upon dozens of hours.









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